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Rot(ten) Reputation


Consuelo Nunez


Gather Information


DC 10: Sixteen-year-old resident of Freedom City. Daughter of Maria and Hector. Nearly became ward of the state a couple of times when her mother got in trouble with the law over drug charges. Attended several schools across town. Recently enrolled in Claremont Academy.

DC 15: Record of behavioral issues in elementary and middle schools, complicated by manifestation of superhuman matter-decaying abilities. Was hospitalized for two months at age seven with an unknown tropical disease.

DC 20: Nine years ago, two months before Consuelo became ill, her mother Maria suddenly opened a bank account and deposited $27,000. That year twenty-three other children in Freedom City were treated at local hospitals for unknown tropical diseases, although it never became a news item.

DC 25: All 24 treatments of the children were funded by Project Hope, run by Insite, a subsidiary of Grant Conglomerates. Insite was dissolved 1 year later.

DC 30: Project Hope and Insite were set up by Grant Conglomerates to test procedures for identifying potential meta-humans and activating their powers. The project was deemed to be a failure. . . .


Knowledge (Streetwise)


DC 10: Consuelo is a freak that destroys things, like strong things, just by touching them. Her mom is a pill fiend.

DC 15: Consuelo’s dad left when she was six. She used to be a cute kid. But now she’s a walking advertisement for all the worst the problems of superpowers. General consensus is she’s dangerous, and we’d all probably be safer if she was locked up.

DC 20: Some stories conflict with the general narrative of Consuelo being a menace. First and secondhand stories of compassion and restraint pop up, if you can dig deep enough.




Gather Information


DC 10: Rot is the hero identity name of a new Claremont Academy student that chooses to attend the school in hero identity. Already, extensive record of on-school property damage, and behavioral concerns.

DC 15: Rot’s powers consist of the ability to rapidly decay matter (not fully controlled), flight, and superhuman durability.

DC 20: Rot is Consuelo Nunez.

DC 25: A fund for repair of property damages and other miscellaneous charges was donated to Claremont Academy from an anonymous donor two weeks before Rot’s enrollment.


Knowledge: Life Sciences


DC 15: Rot’s powers fit the pattern of a rare genetic mutation activated by a traumatic event to develop superhuman abilities.

DC 20: Rot's powers directly stimulate the fight or flight response in terrestrial, aquatic, and even many extraterrestrial animals and people, resulting in automatic negative responses to her at close proximity.


Knowledge: Physical Sciences:


DC 25: The matter that Rot’s powers destroy is actually redistributed across billions of alternate dimensions, and the energery for her flight is drawn in miniscule amounts from billions of alternate dimensions.


Knowledge: Tactics


DC 15: Rot appears to follow no specific fighting style, but clearly relies on her superhuman durability to protect her while she closes in to attempt a quick finish with close contact application of her matter degrading power.

DC 20: Rot can also disintegrate matter at a distance, but it requires her complete effort and focus to do it.


Knowledge: Current Events


DC 15: Lower echelon superhero media has very briefly covered Rot as a very new superhero aspirant enrolled in Claremont Academy. Audio and video quality of the piece is poor. While clearly agreeing to engage with the reporter, Rot appears to be keeping space from them by flying and yelling “my name’s Rot!” from some distance, before charging into a pile of pallets, which then warps and disappears.

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