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Rocket Reputation


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DC10: Rocket debuted in late 2019. He was seen occasionally in 2020, being officially introduced to the world by Johnny Rocket II in May of that year. He has joined the Atom Academy as one of the initial members in early 2021.

DC15: Rocket's real name is Jason 'Jay' Jacob Wade, the nephew of Johnny Rocket II and great-grandchild of Johnny Rocket I. He has been living with his uncles since 2010.

DC20: Rocket's father is David Ross, the villainous Speed Freak, one of Johnny Rocket II's recurring foes. He is currently incarcerated. 

DC25: Rocket's mother was briefly drugged by his father and aided him in his crimes. Since she was saved in 2010 she has remained in rehabilitation since then. Rocket doesn't like to talk about it.


Knowledge: Popular Culture

DC10: Like his uncle, Rocket actively stands up for LBGT+ rights. 

DC15: Rocket is an inventor and would-be scientist. He's not just using his speed for heroics, but advanced inventions as well.

DC20: Who is the fastest speedster? Not Rocket, but he might just be faster than his uncle Johnny!


Knowledge: Physical Sciences

DC15: Johnny Rocket I's powers came from being soaked in experimental rocket fuel, which was somehow passed on to his grandchild Johnny Rocket II and great-grandchild Rocket.

DC20: Rocket's speed is not quite physics breaking, but they don't seem to quite follow the regular rules of physics either! It's weird!

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