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Luke Landers


Gather Information 

DC 10: Luke is a teenage boy born and bred in Southside, he is a scholarship student at Claremont. 

DC 15: His family lives at a trailer park in Southside, his father is a dockworker, his mother is a waitress. Luke used to take odd jobs in the  neighborhood and in Bayview before getting to Claremont.

DC 20: Luke has spent almost a year at Freedom Juvenile Hall


Knowledge Streetwise

DC 20: Even after getting out of Juvie Luke has been involved in a string of petty crimes in the area.




Gather Information 

DC 15: Nightscale is a vigilante that operates mostly in Southside since the spring of 2020, he seems to have a soft spot for the neighborhood. 

DC 20: Nightscale seems to be bulletproof, unnaturally strong, fast and can breath fire. Collateral damages have been quite common in his first few exploits, so he is not exactly a beloved hero yet. A scaled monster has been seen in the same neighborhood a few times at night, since shortly before he had begun his vigilante career.

DC 25: Nighstcale had been seen transforming into a black scaled dragon. 


Knowledge (Pop Culture \ Arcane Lore) 

DC 10: Dragons scales in stories while almost completely impenetrable they frequently have a weak spot, that the heroes of those tale exploit to spell their doom.

DC 15: Western dragons tend to be associated with sins in literature and myths.

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