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Luke Landers


Gather Information 

DC 10: Luke is a teenage boy born and bred in Southside, he was a scholarship student at Claremont and now he takes odd jobs for a living. 

DC 15: His family lives at a trailer park in Southside, he has a younger brother still living at the park, his father is a dockworker, his mother is a waitress

DC 20: Luke has spent almost a year at Freedom Juvenile Hall, his parents seems not to have any records of their existence since they appeared in Soutshide one day.


Knowledge Streetwise

DC 15: Even after getting out of Juvie Luke has been involved with some criminal elements of the area and that hasn't stopped after graduating college.

DC 20: In fact Luke has been in a small gang that was pretty successful a few years ago before dissolving mysteriously, himself, he had the reputation of beating men twice his size and having no fear of bullets.




Gather Information 

DC 15: Nightscale, aka the Southside Dragon is a vigilante and an actual Dragon, wings, breath of fire and all. He operates mostly in Southside, in fact he seems to have a soft spot for the neighborhood. 

DC 20: He has a particular beef with the old mobster families and he has been known to target them, however, he tends to tolerate low-level crime and even protect street-level criminals at times, his relationship with the police is dubious at best.

DC 25: Judging from his accent, Nightscale is from Southside and it is very likely that he still lives there.  


Knowledge (Pop Culture \ Arcane Lore) 

DC 15: Western dragons tend to be associated with sins in literature and myths.

DC 20: Dragons scales in stories while almost completely impenetrable they frequently have a weak spot, that the heroes of those tale exploit to spell their doom.

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