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Nevermore II

Gather Information

DC 15: Nevermore II is Raven III's sidekick.

DC 20: He is obviously not the first Nevermore, who has not been seen for years. He was first seen in March 2020.

DC 25: Nevermore II rarely operates on his own, primarily being seen working with Raven III.


Knowledge [History]

DC 15: The first Nevermore was active between 2014 and 2016.

DC 20: This is the second person to take on the Nevermore identity.

DC 25: Nevermore is Raven III's first sidekick.


Knowledge [Technology]

DC 20: Nevermore II is using a highly advanced suit, seemingly a variation on the suit used by Raven III. 

DC 25: The equipment in his uility belt seems highly specialized and advanced.


Charles Arthur Pratten

Gather Information

DC 05: Charles prefers to go by Charlie.

DC 10: Charlie's family includes his father Martin, an accountant, his mother Lily, a lawyer, and his grandfather Thomas, a retired software developer. They all live in Greenville.

DC 15: Charlie has lived and worked at the Summers Manor since the summer 2019. He seems to basically help out with whatever he's told to do.


Knowledge [Popular Culture]

DC 15: Charlie used to compete in gymnastics. He started to do so less starting from 2014, before stopping completely in 2015, citing a lack of interest despite his skills.


Charles Gordon Pym

Gather Information

DC 05: Charles prefers to go by Charlie.

DC 10: Charlie is an orphan that used to live on the streets in Southside. 

DC 15: Charlie's parents died during a robbery gone wrong. 

DC 20: He has been picked up by a trust fund and sent to attend Claremont Academy.

DC 30: Charles Gordon Pym isn't real. He's a fictional identity that has been set up by the Raven family.

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