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Little Mermaid II


Little Mermaid II

Gather Information (All lowered by 5 for Scandinavian characters)

DC 10: Little Mermaid II is the second hero to call herself the Little Mermaid. She is a Danish hero, primarily operating in Denmark and Europe. She has been active since Christmas 2017.

DC 15: Denmark has only a few super heroes, with the Little Mermaid II being one of the most prominent and effective. She is a beloved heroine in her home country.

DC 20: Little Mermaid II seems to posses the exact same powers as he predecessor, and she has mentioned that they were passed on to her before.

DC 25: The first Little Mermaid was often seen with a young girl in a mask from 2012 to 2017. Some speculate that this was the second Little Mermaid.


Knowledge [Popular Culture]

DC 10: There is a number of super heroes with identities based on H.C. Andersen's fairy tales, including the two Little Mermaid's and the Snow Queen.


Knowledge [Arcane Lore]

DC 15: The Little Mermaid's powers are mystical in origin.

DC 25: The powers of the Little Mermaid, the Snow Queen and other related heroes and villains from directly from H. C. Andersen's fairy tales.

DC 30: The true fairy tales that can grant the power of the stories are hidden in safe locations around the world. No one knows exatly how or why they work.


Mette Madsen

Gather Information

DC 10: Mette is a swimming coach that lives in Copenhagen.

DC 15: Mette is often late or misses appointments. He friends seem to have accepted this.

DC 20: As a child, Mette was a big fan of the first Little Mermaid.

DC 25: Mette was the first Little Mermaid's sidekick from 2012 to 2017.

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