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Justice Reputation



Gather Information

DC 15: Justice is a brand new hero, with little experience, but lot of enthusiasm.

DC 20: Justice seems to get more powerful in full costume than out. She seems to be a super hero fangirl.

DC 25: Justice takes a moment to transform into her full costume.


Knowledge [Technology]

DC 15: Justice's costume and weapon seem to use advanced technology.


Knowledge [Pop Culture]

DC 20: Many of Justice's abilities seem similar to those displayed by characters in Japanese Tokusatsu tv shows such as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, as well as the American equivalent Power Rangers.


Robin Lynne Langley

Gather Information

DC 5: Robin's family lives in Emerald City.

DC 10: Robin is a PhD student at Emerald City University, studying a number of sciences. 

DC 15: Robin is a self-described nerd and loves super heroes in all its forms. 

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