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Ghost Reputation



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DC5: Ghost has been an active member of the Freedom City super heroic scene since 2003, but has tended to stay away from larger gatherings of heroes, working mostly by himself or doing impromptu team ups. His reputation is all over the place, from responsible super hero doing his best to outright villain, depending on who you ask. He is generally accepted as a hero by the super heroic community. 

DC10: Some believe that Ghost might be an actual ghost driven by vengeance to do good! He can fly and phase through solid objects. He is a big fan of hot dogs and coffee.

DC15: While seen all over Freedom, Ghost is believed to primarily operate around the Fens and Southside. He is generally not a fan of teenage super heroes, but does his best to help them anyway.

DC20: Ghost is not an actual ghost, he just has ghost-like powers. He doesn't speak about it a lot, but he claims to have saved the world at least twice.

DC25: Ghost's intangibility seems to have issues with cold.


Knowledge: Popular Culture

DC10: Ghost made a few headlines back in 2003, thrilling the city and parts of the nation with his powers on live television. He suddenly stopped after a few weeks, instead resurfacing as a super hero.


Knowledge: Streetwise

DC10: Ghost is mainly active around the Fens and Southside. While his powers can pack a punch, he is generally considered one of the more gentle super heroes to be stopped by, as long as you don't endanger civilians, then all bets are off.

DC15: There's a lot of criminals in Freedom City that would love to see Ghost permanently ghosted. 


Casper Balthazar Church

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DC10: Casper is a Freedom City resident, currently living in the Fens.

DC15: Casper is divorced from Jessie Taylor Wilson, a well known Freedom City real estate agent. They have a daughter, Carrie Belinda Church, with Jessie having custody. Their relationship is friendly.

DC20: Casper never seems to be able to keep a job for long, eventually being fired for being late, sleeping on the job or showing up hurt to work on multiple occasions. 

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