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Fleur de Joie Reputation


Gather Info

  • DC 5: Fleur de Joie is a full-fledged member of the Freedom League! She is a plant controller and has long green hair. She is usually considered one of the friendliest and most approachable members of the League. 
  • DC 10: Fleur is an extremely powerful plant controller, possibly the strongest alive today. She can control plants and plant monsters, but she is also a gifted healer and can travel between dimensions at will. She has been active for over a decade now in  Freedom City and went from beautifying parks to helping save the world! She has a little girl who is about ten years old now, who she had with her husband Dark Star. During emergencies in Freedom City Fleur can usually be found behind the front lines, coordinating evacuations and medical treatment. Fleur moved from the Freedom League Auxiliary to full-fledged League member in 2017. 
  • DC 15: Around 2012, Fleur stopped living full time on Earth Prime and moved to Sanctuary, an alternate dimension where she keeps her headquarters. In 2015, she got a divorce from Dark Star citing irreconcilable differences (New Jersey's basic no-fault divorce criteria.) Dark Star hasn't been seen on Earth since then (though he wasn't around that much before) and the general consensus is that he abandoned the planet to his ex. Dark Star and Fleur de Joie were a popular super-couple among the general public due to Dark Star's predilection for showy romantic gestures, so the tabloids that write about supers weren't particularly kind during this period. All of that died down after awhile, but Fleur hasn't spent quite as much time on Earth since then.
  • DC 20: Fleur de Joie's civilian name is Stesha Madison, and she is originally from the Chicago suburbs. She has a degree in botany from Northwestern University and worked as a florist in Freedom City until her daughter was born. Sanctuary is actually an alternate version of Earth that was destroyed in a cataclysm a long time ago, and that she has been restoring to health. She lives on Sanctuary along with several other superheroes and has resettled thousands of refugees there. 


Superhero Grapevine (Diplomacy or Gather Info, but only if your character is involved with the superhero community of Freedom City. This info can be added to the above information in a single roll.) 

  • DC 5: You can find Fleur de Joie's contact information. It is extremely widely available and she allows it to be given out freely to heroes.  Her world, Sanctuary, is a place where homeless refugees can sometimes go, and Fleur herself is a gifted healer who is always happy to help the wounded. 
  • DC 10: Fleur's real name is Stesha, and she likes to go by that name unless she's in the middle of official hero business. 
  • DC 15: Dimensional traveling heroes can find sufficient directions to travel to Sanctuary. Unless they specifically try not to, they will wind up in the Civilian Holding Area. It would be rude to visit elsewhere on Sanctuary without at least calling ahead. Calling League members Gaian Knight or Gabriel is also acceptably polite. Fleur has some kind of magic psychic connection to the entire world, so it's not likely anybody could visit without being noticed, and most of the world is a disaster anyway. Fleur comes to Earth Prime for work and to buy massive amounts of groceries, but otherwise she spends almost all her time on Sanctuary these days. 
  • DC 20: Fleur and the gravity-controlling hero Dark Star had a fairy tale romance back when she was a brand new heroine and he was based on Earth. He was often called to work off-planet without notice and could be gone for a long time, a circumstance that caused her to cancel their first wedding date. He returned, everything was happy again, she got pregnant, they got married despite the warning signs. He continued to be called away frequently, until  eventually months and years would go past without him returning. Stesha stuck it out for five increasingly miserable years before calling it quits in the aftermath of the Communion incursion. Dark Star left the Sol system immediately afterwards and has not returned since. Stesha has tried dating a few times since then, but pours most of her attention into her daughter and the residents of Sanctuary. 
  • DC 25: Fleur's daughter, Amaryllis, is showing the abilities of both her parents as she grows even though she is still a preadolescent. Since both her parents are extremely powerful metahumans, this means their child has a huge amount of potential. Fleur is very cognizant of the fact that some people may want to acquire a young and malleable metahuman who may one day have the ability to travel across universes and dimensions, creating or destroying worlds. She is very, very careful about her daughter's safety, and woe betide anyone who so much as breathes a threat in that direction. 

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