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Empyrean (Infinity & Eternity) Reputation




DC 15  There are many entities from higher dimensional space normally only able to manifest as a shadow of their full selves in lower dimensional space they tend to be potent despite this and often detached from normal morality.

DC 20  There is an Empyrean plane occupied by a collective intelligence composed of the pure cosmic energy of creation.  It is by most mundane morality "good" though it's intelect is vast and alien.

DC 25  The Empyrean is curious about other realms peeking through to observe and even advise on rare occasion.  It usually does so by sharding itself into a distinct persona to interact with the lower dimensions.

DC 30  The Empyrean is able to manifest it's shards physically in normal space but does so only exceedingly rarely, such distractions leave it vulnerable to similar entities with differing goals.


Knowledge(Galactic Lore):  

DC 20  There are ages old legends of spacefarers across cultures and sectors encountering strange energy beings matching the description of the Empyrean.

DC 25  These entities are purportedly capricious.  Sometimes freeing ships trapped in strong gravity wells or dense nebulae, other times granting maddening or profane secrets, or holding court over a crew like petty gods.

DC 30  Ancient Precursor ruins and data stores reference an 'Empyrean Realm' of pure energy and strange dealings the precursors held with the being(s) of that place.



Gather Information:  

DC 15  Asking around Lor space will alternately get tales of a hotshot fighter jock from the Communion Incursion or a cocky Lor Scout with improbable tales of daring do, both apparently go by the Call Sign 'Infinity'.

DC 20  Accessing Lor Records (legitimately or otherwise) reveals 'Infinity' is the call sign of Fa'Rua  Zal Na'ar a Lor Scout Corps pilot and formal Lor Star Navy Pilot.

DC 25  Classified Scout Corps file includes that Fa'Rua is a mentat of some potency with enhanced spacial reasoning and limited 'space fold' capability Licensed for a specially modified scout frigate. 

DC 30  Top Secret Star Navy documentation reveal that she was nearly drummed out of the service for insubordination but the details of the incident resulted in her Commanding officer being put on review and her being placed on permanent loan to the Scout Corps.



Gather Information:  

DC 20  Official records of the Order of the Celestial Path, a sect of the Lor Sacred Assembly of the Prophets, list Eternity as the spiritual name of a student of the orders teachings, given name Jolan Zal Na'ar.

DC 25  Jolan Zal'Na'ar is a mentat trained by the order and currently attached to the office of colonial settlement and exploration.

DC 30  Jolan is a potent mentat able to sense multiple timelines and even control the local flow of time itself.  He was sent to the order for training as a child and has been an exemplary student.

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