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Dog Pound Reputation

Dog Pound
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DC5: Dog Pound is a rumored vigilante in Freedom City.
DC10: Dog Pound operates almost exclusively in the Fens area of Freedom City
DC15: It's rumoured that the Coverall wearing hero actually does have some super powers, despite relying on some clearly professional level Boxing training mostly.

Jack Sounder
Knowledge: Pop Culture
DC5: Jack Sounder was a boxer with a short career in the 1960s
DC10: Despite his Career's abrupt end, Jack actually was considered one of the better fighters back in the day
DC15: Jack had a shot at the championship before accidentally blinding another fighter in one eye, leading to him being banned from the sport.

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DC5: Jack Sounder is an Ex-Con living in the Fens
DC 10: Since his release Jack has actually managed to turn his life around, and is fairly popular in the small neighborhood he lives in.

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