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Corona Reputation



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DC 10: Corona is a superheroine active in Freedom City, largely active around the Fens

DC 15: Corona is capable of generating blasts of hyper hot plasma and most of her powers are based around this

DC 20: Corona is formerly the supervillain Revolt, who was a member of the teen supervillain group the Delinquents in the early to mid 1990s.

DC 25: Corona was too young to have her real name published, but because she was arrested, her identity is out there in some government database


Serena Mustafic

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DC 5: Serena Mustafic lives in the Fens in Freedom City

DC 10: Serena Mustafic has a daughter named Mia she is very close with

DC 15: Serena Mustafic works at a bookstore for Lynn Epstein.

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