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Cheval Reputation


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DC10: Cheval's real name is Marcus Dumont, a Vibora Bay native and former boxer. He is a well known local hero, having been active since late 2018. He has managed to use his life as a hero to become famous and wealthy, though he spends a lot of both his time and wealth to support the local community in Vibora Bay, especially in his home in the Weston District. He seems to be supernaturally strong and tough, able to assume a form where his skin becomes like iron by reciting a short poem.

DC15: Cheval made his debut fighting giant snake-men a few weeks after hurricane Michael hit Vibora Bay in 2018. He has been seen fighting similar snake-men multiple times.

DC20: Cheval's agent, manager, and best friend, is Francis Brown, a former boxer turned manager. They have been seen having arguments in public over whether to focus on heroics or earning money.

DC25: Cheval's only living relative is his younger brother, John. Marcus supports John so that he can focus on his studies at University of Florida Vibora Bay.


Knowledge: Popular Culture

DC10: Before gaining his powers, Marcus Dumont was a boxer, with the nickname "The Iron Horse". He was known for taking any hit, and keeping on going. 

DC15: Marcus was forced to retire from boxing, with officials worrying that he might use his powers to his advantage during bouts.

DC20: Before gaining his powers, Marcus was being considered for a title match.


Knowledge: Religion and Philosophy  

DC15: A cheval traditionally refers to someone being possessed by a loa during Voodou rituals.

DC20: The snake-men that Cheval has clashed with multiple times might be members of the Mayombe, an evil Voodou cult.

DC25: The poem that Cheval recites to transform into his iron-skinned form is from a short song to the loa, Ogoun.

DC30: Cheval is empowered by Ogoun, loa of Iron and Fire.

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