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Olivia Lord

Gather Information 

DC 5: Her full name is Olivia Elizabeth Lord. Her friends call her Liv.

DC 10: She’s a Freedom City native currently going to Claremont Academy. People say she comes from old money.

DC 15: She used to go to an exclusive prep school in North Bay but was a rather notorious bully while there. Her family, the Lords, are real estate developers that have been a part of Freedom City high society for centuries. They own a manor in North Bay.

DC 20: She has won a ton of junior tournaments in archery, cheerleading, gymnastics, and a couple other competitive sports. She ain’t no slouch academically either and has a talent for photography. Rumor has it that her dad got caught up in some weird scandal.

DC 25: Do not let the preppy look fool you, she has some serious self-defence training. People say that her father, Robert Lord, got in deep with some crazy hellfire club stuff and had to some do major rehab afterwards.


Knowledge [History] 

DC 10: The Lords are an old money family that has been in Freedom City for centuries, having possibly been around during the city’s founding as a colony. Their influence in the Freedomite high society still looms larger even after all this time. They still compete with their historically old money families rivals, the Summers and the Beaumonts.  


Knowledge [Pop Culture] 

DC 10: Rumor has it that the Lord family patriarch, Robert Lord, got involved in a scandal involving some kind of notorious hellfire club or secret society for the rich. He’s either holed up in his mansion in North Bay or gone to an expensive rehab clinic out of state.


Knowledge [Business] 

DC 10: Olivia’s family primarily derives its wealth from its ownership of Lord Industries. The company mostly deals in real estate and land development in Freedom City and the wider United States, but it has smaller business interests and subsidiaries in shipping, textiles, news media, and small arms manufacturing.


Arrow IV

Gather Information 

DC 10: Arrow has historically been the codename for the Bowman’s sidekick.

DC 15: There hasn’t been an Arrow since the 1980’s, but this new one is likely connected to a Bowman like all the previous ones.  She also happens to be the first female Arrow.

DC 20: This Arrow uses an assortment of trick arrows and gadgets. We’re talking electro-shock arrows, adhesive arrows, flashbang arrows, and who knows what else. She probably even has a USB arrow! Alright, maybe not that last one.

DC 25: Arrow has had run-ins with the notorious House of Usher and seems determined to bring them down. She regularly patrols Lantern Hill and has been known to pick fights with local gangs known to be loyal to the Ushers. Notably, she has also been spotted leaving and entering the North Bay area of North Freedom on her motorcycle, the Bolt.


Knowledge [Streetwise] 

DC 10: There’s a new Arrow in Freedom City and she’s mostly been seen patrolling around West Freedom. She’s gained a rep among the criminals there for being a smart-ass with a habit of using ten-dollar words.

DC 15: Apparently the new Arrow has a major beef with some of the local drug-pushing gangs in Lantern Hill and has even had a few run-ins with those freaks in the House of Usher. Chances are her clashes with the former are connected to a larger antipathy for the latter.


Knowledge [Tactics] 

DC 10: Her close combat fighting style is a mix of capoeira and taekwondo. Expect a lot of dodging, kicks, and trips.

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