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Alien Races from the Sourcebooks


The below information covers just some of the various alien races that exist in the wider universe of the Freedom City PbP campaign setting:


Alien Races from the Sourcebooks




As a result of the actions of the Preservers, humans and offshoots of the human genotype are among the most common "alien races" in the galaxy.  As the Lor began to spread among the stars, they noted the genetic similarities between themselves and the various humanoid races they encountered.  This led to the Lor adopting the term vellorvan ("Children of Lor-Van").  The Lor believed that these genetic similarities were a result of the intervention of their "Star Gods."  There are those among the Lor that believe their civilization had previously ascended to the stars, leaving behind "lost colonies" of this "First Age."  Others believe that the Star Gods took some of their chosen away from Lor-Van, leaving behind the bulk of the race to follow the path to the start laid out for them by the Prophets.  The Lor reject Daedalus' theory that they originated from Earth.


In addition to the Lor and the Zultasians, human genotype species are found inhabiting Aljor, Wynn, Xol, Karath, Giaus and dozens of other worlds.  Due to the widely varying environments of some of these worlds, these humanoids can possess a wide range of phenotypes when comparted with humans from Earth, resulting in skin tones ranging from almost completely black to dusky grey and various shades of brown (tan, golden, pinkish tones) and even to pure white.  The toughness and durability of their skin can vary just as much, and the hair and eye colors come in far greater variety than found on Earth.


Some of the humanoid races possess extreme genetic adaptations related to the environments in which they live, either as a result of Preserver experimentation (which sometimes included splicing human genotype with native species), evolutionary adaption or other specific genetic engineering.  Some examples of such adaptations are the Dotrae (which possess antennae and smooth, hairless skin) and the Ealas (humanoids possessing feathered wings and the ability to fly).


There are also many humanoid species which developed independently of humanity, although sometimes they were also the subjects of Preserver "guidance."  One such example are the Cholaxans, a race of furred humanoids largely responsible for the sasquatch and "bigfoot" legends on Earth.




Ealas:  8 PP total

Stats: +4 Dex [4 PP]

Feats: Favored Environment: Aerial [1 PP]

Powers: Flight 3 (Limitation: Wings, must be able to move them) [3 PP]


Kovald: humanoids from a high-gravity world, possessing only three thick fingers and a thumb on each hand. 20 PP total

Stats: +14 Str; +4 Con [18 PP]

Feats: Environmental Adaption (Heavy Gravity) [1 PP]

Powers: Immunity (Pressure) [1 PP]


Piscean: Humans adapted to aquatic environments and members of the Lor Republic. 27 PP total

Stats: +10 Str; +4 Dex; +4 Con [18 PP]

Powers: Immunity 2 (drowning, pressure); Enhanced Feat: Environmental Adaption (aquatic); Super Sense 1 (low-light vision); Swimming 5 [9 PP]


Shoon: four-armed humanoids.  5 PP total

Stats: +2 Str [2 PP]

Feats: Ambidexterity [1 PP]

Powers; Extra Limbs 2 (two additional arms) [2 PP]


Cholaxian: huge hairy humanoids: 47 PP total

Stats: +12 Str; +16 [28 PP]

Powers: Growth 4 (Permanent, Innate); Immunity 1 (cold); Leaping 5 [19 PP]




Jereids, a race of humanoid alligators that evolved from reptilian hunters on their homeworld.  Control a cluster of star systems known as the Jereid Hegemony on the border of the Lor Republic and located close to the Sol system.  The Alien Gator was a Jereid explorer maroond on Earth for several years in the mid-20th century.


Jereid Template 43 PP total

Stats +6 Str; +6 Con; +10 Dex [22 PP]

Powers: Growth 4 (+8 Str; +4 Con; Permanent); Strike (claws) 1 (Power Feat: Mighty); Protection 2 (Impervious); Super Senses (low-light vision); Regeneration 1; Swimming 1 [21 PP]


Ruluans: red-skinned inhabitants of Rulu IV possessing both reptilian and amphibian traits, being smooth skin with large eyes.  Suffered under a cruel Grue occupation until some were able to use their considerable strength and energy projection abilities to fight the Grue.


Ruluan Template 48 PP total

Stats: +16 Str; +16 Con [32 PP]

Powers: Eye Beams (Blast) 8 [16 PP]


The Haasaan are a race of reptilians with snake-like lower bodies, humanoid torsos and scaly skin (often mottled or patterned according to their clan lineage).  Their culture is matriarchal, with females often having multiple male mates.


Hassaan Template 11 PP total

Stats: +4 Str; +2 Dex [6 PP]

Powers: Super Movement 1 (slithering); Super Sneses 2 (acute olfactory; infravision); Elongation 1 (5’ tail) [5 PP]




Intelligent water-breathing species have developed on a number of worlds.  Most water-breathers (unless they are amphibious) tend to rely on water-filled life support suits or vehicles when operating away from their home environment, but they tend to adapt well to microgravity, living in water-filled ships or space habitats. 


One such race are the Hexxim, six-limbed intelligent, telepathic cephalopods. 


Hexxim Template 12 PP total

Stats: +4 Dex [4 PP]

Feats: Environmental Adaption 1 (Zero Gravity) [1 PP]

Powers: Communications 2 (mental); Extra Limbs 4; Swimming 1 [7 PP]

Complications: Disability: immobilized on land; Disability: mute




Insectoid species thrive on countless worlds within the known galaxy.  Some insectoid species possess hive-mind societies, while others have developed where each individual is independent and autonomous.


Among the insectoids are four-limbed arthropods, the Skr'ee are spider-like creatures from an arboreal world.  Although they are not heavily tool-using, they are highly intelligent.


Skr'ee Tempate 15 PP total

Stats: +4 Dex; +2 Int; +2 Wis [8 PP]

Powers: Leaping 1; Super Movement 3 (slithering, Wall Crawling 2) [7 PP]

Complications: Disability: Skr’ee have limited manipulative appendages

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