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Alexander cross, Train engineer and Host to the spirit of industry; Rolling thunder on the road to tomorrow. 

Born in 1950 in a small house in London, Alexander cross, son of Julia and Gordon Cross, Lived a fairly uneventful childhood, It was not until he was a young man that he first discovered the great love of his life, the Mighty Iron horses of the rails and applied for work as a driver and engineer; a task he happily dedicated most of his adult life too, even moving to america and the famed freedom city to pursue america's famed routes and follow a rapidly dwindling career to its last bastion; It was here that he would become engineer upon a pacific bigboy affectionately nicknamed "Ulysses" for its long route was rather less affectionately referred to as "the odyssey."

It was on the eve of his eventual (and forced) retirement that his powers manifested, sending him hurtling forwards in time, disorientated and confused by the world beyond the now ruined rail yard he was initially reluctant to leave the confines of his place of work until he was driven by a powerful urge (that he would later learn was his mysterious benefactor, the spirit of industry.) to press on with his life, securing himself a job as a night guard in the museum of science and industry, modest accommodations and in general began to take back his life.

as fate would have it however it was not to last, finding himself consumed with great wanderlust and enormous amounts of time on his hands he did what came naturally and travelled. at first within the state, then to nearby states and eventually other countries, occasionally managing to prevent some disaster or defeat some villain in the process, it was quite a suprise for him then when he made his first involuntary hop across the dimensions and found himself (and others) stranded in what he would later learn as Earth-Victoria and became involved with the ministry of powers back in his homeland once more making the journey across the Atlantic to chase his destiny.

Ulysses powers are based upon industry, mostly manifesting as enhanced strength, speed and toughness, though he has been known to issue forth scalding steam from his mouth and travel through time and dimensions (albeit involuntarily so far.) the spirit of industry itself has far vaster options and readily uses more exotic (and less humane) options.

Ulysses is a member of the United kingdom superhero team "The Vanguard." and is affiliated with its other members, the ministry of powers itself and by extension the United kingdoms national government.

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