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The Traveller

Tiffany Korta

The Traveller 

Ancient warrior and engineer who travels the universe helping those she finds needs help.


Sitara was born over five thousand years ago in a village of Shashikala (Brightmoon) in the region of Harappa, Pakistan, home of what is now called the Indus Valley civilzation. She would have been fated to a simple life if it wasn’t for the arrival of an alien ship. Those aliens were members of an advanced species now know as the Architechs, called by Sitara’s people as the mArttik Avata (of a Princely Race), a peaceful people who wished to preserved the evolving species of this area of space. This bought them in conflict with another species the Amitra (The Enemy or Advisary) who wished to conqueor and exploite those new born, to them, speicies. Being a totally pacifistic race the Architechs instead recruited members of those species they were trying to protect and trained them to fight a massive interglatic war to protect this region of the galaxy.


The young Harappan woman, always an explorer and adventurer, egerly volunteered to go and fight in this environment, the Arichechs making sure they understood exactly what they were getting themselves into. They then took a few humans, including Sitara, to there homeworld where they altered there bodies to better be able to cope with the environment they’d be fighting. They then trained the recuits not only in the arts of war but how to build and maintaine the equipment that they’d need to survive in this conflict. Sitara had an ability in such fields and became a skilled engineer as well as a capable warrior A long lived races, maybe to the point of near immortality, they weren’t in a rush to fight this conflict instead it being a long series of cold then hot battles. Not to loose there warriors to the ages they made sure that they were also capable of lasting down the ages.


Still the final battles were brutal things with everything being thrown at each other in battles that spanned this whole region of space, and influnced the myths and legends of many races that viewed only a fraction of the war. Near the very end of the conflict Sitara was wounded, near fatally, and was placed in healing statsis to recovered from her wounds. Even she does not know what happened at the end of the war, only that the galaxy is still free and the two ancient races, along with her fellow soldiers, were now gone from the universe.


Waking from her slumber Sitara found a very different universe without the battle she’d fought for so long. After trying, and failing, to try and find out what had happened in the conflict she left the world she’d ended iup on and began to wander the universe to experience the myriad of people and places that had sprung up in her absence. Sometimes she would just observe and enjoy the culture, sometimes she would get involved fighting to protect the innocence, a few times she even ended up ruling some people. Thought after a while, from a few weeks to a few decades she would feel that wanderlust again and set off towards the stars.

Eventually she came in contact with a newly expanding stellar empire, the Delaztri Empire, and helped them form an elite fighting force the Praetorians based on the ancient force she had fought within all those centuries ago. Despite her age and experience she choose to fight alongside rather than lead the force, not feeling she should impose her will on this nascent organization. In a strange mirroring of the original conflict this empire came under the threat on a dominating power, the Communion. Again she fought to ensure that this insidious threat didn’t impose there will upon the galaxy. And again they ended up in cryogenic syspension, this time however ended up alongside her fellow Praetorians.


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