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The Red Rat


The Red Rat
The Red Rat (Noemi von Neuman) is an ex-Soviet Superspy, who has been cryogenically frozen and released for special high risk operations over the past fifty years. A few years ago, well after the collapse of the Iron Curtain, she was found by AEGIS operators in Russia. Once defrozen, however, she had no wish to become a political pawn again, and escaped to Freedom City where she works as a Taxi-driver and superspy - superhero.


The Red Rat was a soviet experiment from the 1960s. Groups of political dissidents were exposed to the “Darwin-X” virus, created by the Super-Scientist “Doctor Zero”. Few survived.

The Darwin-X virus induced (when it does not kill) adaptive mutations to the Red Rat, allowing her to survive the implantation of the SLAVE system into her head.

The Slave System was a computer system, well ahead of its time that was implanted into the skull of the spy directly, and replaced human eyes with much more advanced cybernetic ones. It was created by a shadowy Soviet called “Motherboard”, a young (at that time) woman who could design and programme computers decades in advance of the technology at that time. Over the decades, the SLAVE system became progressively more advanced as it was updated, to the point of possible artificial intelligence.

After the collapse of the USSR, the soviet spy programme imploded, and the Red Rat was left in cold storage for decades, until AEGIS unearthed her.

Escaping their clutches, never again willing to work for any government, the Red Rat fled, eventually ending up in Freedom City. She keeps a low, but watchful profile, as the taxi driver Noemi Newman, illegal immigrant.

The SLAVE system has not only provided her with several advantages (most usefully, the ability to hack into computer systems), but also background on “Project Ice”, a deep-cover spy operation in the USA (and Europe), which it seems not even the KGB knew about.

Project ICE was led by four super powered hard-core Russian Communists. The super scientist “Doctor Zero” (who created the Darwin-X virus), the Computer genius “Motherboard”, the Superspy “Red Snake”, mistress of poisons, and most enigmatic and dangerous of all “the Sleeper”, a telepath who could implant hidden commands in anyone, potentially making anyone in the world his own sleeper-agent, ready to activate at any trigger.

Project ICE was designed to create a communist Utopia for the world, and even activate as a fail safe back up should the USSR fall. The Sleeper was (and is) a communist visionary, dedicated to the cause. Amongst their many achievements, they have set up secret underground stations in many, or possibly all, cities.

The Red Rat, thanks to SLAVE, was able to track down one of these stations in a disused part of Freedom City, and appropriate some of their advanced technology.


Costume and Appearance

The Red Rat is of average height and in phenomenal shape. Whilst she is not super strong, the Darwin-X mutations give her greater energy and recovery, and combined with an aggressive workout regime, she has a muscular strong physique. She has medium length blond hair and Slavic good looks.

Her costume is a silver-grey spandex leggings and crop top. On top she will wear a light red jacket, with a rat emblem (in darker red) on the back. She also wears black leather boots. She has two guns on her hips and boot knives, alongside carrying some spy equipment (mini tracers, microphones) at her belt.




The Red Rat is able (thanks to the Darwin-X virus) to adapt to the environment, such as growing fur in cold environments, or gills underwater. She ages slowly, and needs little sleep (3-4 hours a night will leave her completely refreshed).

The Red Rat can also “Super-evolve” into a hyper intelligent but physically shrivelled form, or “Super-devolve” into a powerful primitive human with limited cognitive abilities.

The SLAVE system provides her with cybernetic eyes (and many super human senses) plus improved tactical and computer information, allowing her to (for instance) hack remotely into computer systems, or decrypt coded information.

She also has access to some highly advanced Project ICE equipment, such as her guns and her headquarters.

Finally, the Red Rat is a well trained spy with much experience over her years of operation. This includes being an expert in combat and martial arts (utilising mainly the Sambo style of Russian unarmed combat).


Allies and Enemies
The Red Rat is a suspicious sort and has no real allies (that she completely trusts). She has made a few friends at work, most particularly Charley Chalks, the sassy night receptionist. She is also on familiar terms with much of the night life of Freedom City.

Her most feared enemies are the remnants of Project ICE (or indeed the KGB), who might well wish to appropriate the SLAVE system, or perhaps even her. Who knows what psychological hold the Sleeper has over her, or what subroutines lay dormant in SLAVE?

Her relationship with many UN / Government agencies such as AEGIS is also strained and stained with Paranoia. She is, after all, a rogue spy on the run.


Headquarters: The Safe House

In Greenbank, amidst crumbling and abandoned brick buildings and rusted rail lines, lies a Mothballed building called “Grin and Bear it”. The ownership of this building is hidden in a complex web of many layers. Nobody seems able to buy it or redevelop it.

Because underneath lies a Project ICE safe house, almost impossible to find. The cold, Spartan underground fortress is fully equipped as a base for spies. Whilst a few touches (rugs, house plants, photographs) have been introduced, it is still a rather grim place, reminiscent of old communist Russia.

The Safehouse monitors communications and has its own computer system, and a fully equipped infirmary, workshop, and library, as well space to store air and ground vehicles (of the smaller type). It has a kitchen, bathroom, and living quarters, even a gym. One could live down there, although one would probably not choose to. It was designed for function, not comfort.



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