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Red Lynx


Red Lynx


Red Lynx is the younger twin to the White Lion and until the final competition was the heir expectant.  Despite this he respects his sisters place as the Protector of Dakana and relishes finding a wider role to play for himself and his nation in the world.  Taking to Freedom to begin his work he's beginning to build himself into a hero where an individual can still it seem make a difference.



Born in 2002 moments after his sister Prince Kamau grew to his pre-adulthood with want of little but also instilled with a bone deep understanding of what was owed his people for what they as rulers were granted.  From a young age he trained and prepared to one day compete for the mantle of the White Lion and rulership of his country.  When the moment finally came he froze.  There were a thousand different scenarios running through his mind, a hundred actions to take that could spin reality on one direction or another and he froze unable to choose.  His sister simply acted, didn't for a moment consider the ramifications, dangerous, reckless, glorious.  She defeated their half brother Baako and ensured their families continued rulership over Dakana.  He saw that she was still who Dakana needed. He would walk a different path.  He has begun attending Claremont like his sister to learn more of American and the wider world.


Costume and Appearance

Red Lynx wears a daka infused skin tight suit of armor much like the underlayment used by the Dakanan royal guard with a harness to hold his tools and weapons.  Topping it is a helm with a stylized feline shape, a nod to his chosen name, the entire costume is in a deep almost black crimson the daka crystals glimmering in the suit with stored energy when struck.  He's armed with a pair of Marangu throwing clubs the heavy knobbed ends good for tripping and trapping weapons as well as use as bludgeons and more importantly with careful control allow for less than lethal attacks.



Red lynx doesn't have any powers int he traditional sense.  He was raised a royal of Dakana however and of the line of the white lion.  Even at his young age he is physically and mentally approaching the peak of humanity and has trained since near birth in the techniques and methods of the Dakana royal Guard and the White Lion themself.  He is faster stronger and healthier than most with a keen mind and the natural charisma and confidence of a beloved prince.  He utilizes his training and gifts as well as Dakanan technologies not available in the wider world to disable and detain enemies that they may be rehabilitated.



School Daze (his Arrival at Claremont) Fall 2018

Roar and hiss (Meeting Sun Dragon) Fall 2018



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