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Robin Lynne Langley is Justice. A relatively new hero, she has decided to do her part to make up for the lack of super heroes in Emerald City. Heavily inspired by television shows starring heroes, particularly Japanese Tokusatsu shows, Robin has set out to learn how to be a hero, using her self-made powered suit. Bright, friendly and dedicated, Robin does her best to become the best hero she can be, learning just what justice means to her along the way.

Robin Lynne Langley grew up admiring the exploits of heroes from a young age, both those imaginary and real. She followed the exploits of all her favorite heroes on television, be it cartoons, live action from super human battles or live action shows starring imaginary heroes. She was particularly inspired by the Tokusatsu heroes of Japanese television. Admiration turned to dreams. Robin lived in Emerald City, the one city that did not seem to have any heroes. Robin wanted to be the person to change that.

Robin became a highly competive gymnast, participating in several competitions, before leaving that behind, though still training privately. She honed her aim with her father or alone at firing ranges. Highly intelligent, Robin would seek out knowledge that would let her create the tools she felt needed to become a hero. That is not to say that Robin lived solely for her dream of becoming a hero. She had friends. She had her family. She lived a full life, but still, her dream was to become a hero.

Then the impossible happened: The Emerald Spider appeared. Emerald City finally had their own hero. Robin was inspired once more. If Emerald City could have one hero, then surely, the city could have two.

Her work continued. She quickly progressed, earning a master's degree at Emerald City University, and started work on her PhD. She got the use of extensive facilities at Emerald City University, and finally, Robin was able to create the device that she dubbed the Justice Driver. It was just the Alpha version, but it had to be good enough, and come Halloween 2018, it had to be, as Justice had to be the one person that stood between a monster and athe people of Emerald City.

With much of Robin's understanding of heroics coming from television and fiction, she is bound to face conflicts that are not as black and white. Her morality will be tested, and she will have to choose the path to take, and just what justice means to her.

Costume and Appearance
Robin is a slender, dark haired brunette with green eyes. She wears glasses and tends to dress in casual clothing, such as jeans and t-shirts, usually with logos or pictures of cartoons or super heroes, both real and fictional. 

As Justice, Robin has two different looks, depending on whether she has activated the Justice Driver. The only set part of her costume before activating the Justice Driver is a red domino mask, with which she wears suiting clothes, usually tending towards dark pants and a long-sleeved red shirt, while tying her hair into a pony tail. She wears the red Justice Driver belt with this. When Robin activates the Justice Driver, she is covered in the gold and red Justice suit, which covers her entire body, being almost skin-tight. The middle of Robin's front is golden, with the sides being red. The gold ends in golden boots near her feet. She still wears the red Justice Driver belt, breaking up the gold in the front. The gold covers her shoulders, while her arms are red, except for gold bracers around her writers and golden fingers. She uses a red star as a logo in the middle of her chest. The mask is completely red, except for golden one-way glass for the eyes, which seems to be a part of a gold faceplate that covers her mouth and nose. As the Justice Driver and the suit is still being developed, the actual appearance changes frequently.


Robin posses no super human powers of her own, but she is a genius of several disciplines, which has allowed her to create several gadgets that she use to fight crime, chief among them the Justice Buster, a powerful one handed ranged weapon, and the Justice Driver, which covers her body in an armor that grants Robin an ever expanding and evolving suite of super human abilities, focused primarily around enhancing Robin's physical abilities. She has also been known to create gadgets necessary for a given task, if given the necessary time and resources.



  • Anna Grace Langley: Robin's mother. A respected doctor at the Emerald City University Medical Center.
  • Lucas James Langley: Robin's father. A teacher of philosophy at Emerald City University.
  • Lucas Jr. Alexander Langley: Robin's two years older brother. Lucas Jr. studies law in Freedom City, his once close relationship with his sister having detoriated due to the distance.
  • Mark Travis Langley: Robin's 20 years younger brother. A surprise to the family, Mark is much beloved and more than a bit spoiled by his older sister.
  • Dorothy 'Dottie' Minerva Langley: Robin's paternal grandmother. Robin's confidante, the only person she has told about her dual identity. Unknown to Robin, the octogenerian was active as the super hero Miss Step in the 70'es, and she has tried to subtly use her experience to guide Robin.

The Justice Driver

Robin's greatest invention, according to herself, is the Justice Driver. Appearing simply as a fancy red belt, the driver hides a battlesuit that can be activated through a special program on Robin's phone. When Robin activates the program function to activate the Justice Driver, the battlesuit expands from the belt and covers her entire body in less than a second. The current abilities of the battlesuit is only what Robin considers the Alpha 1 version, the first stable build. She has plans for many future expansions to the Justice Driver system, as soon as she figures out how to add the functionality while retaining portability. 




  • October 31st: Gone != Forgotten: Justice debuts on Halloween!
  • November 1st to 4th: Busy Little Fingers: Following a rash of thievery on Halloween, Justice encounters Finnigan's Fingers and the Gas Man, as she struggles with figuring out what path to take, and what justice will ultimately mean to her.
  • November 12th: A Place for Everything: Robin attends the opening of Silberman's Northwest in Emerald City.
  • November 28th: aMaZo: Justice teams up with Mag-Might.

Concept & Design Notes

A fangirl becomes a Kamen Rider of her own making, filtered through Western super hero tropes.

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