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Empyrean (Infinity & Eternity)




A portion of the Empyrean Cosmic force has separated from the collective and imbued itself into Twin Lor mentats to explore the corporeal realms and their finite dimensions.  Infinity and Eternity have had their natural Mentat abilities accelerated in development by the potent energies of the Empyrean.



The Empyreans exist out of time and space, eternal and largely disinterested in the finite and temporal.  Beings of pure cosmic energy, or perhaps a single being such distinctions are not meaningful to them/it.  The Cosmic Empyrean energies have touched the multiverse at times and places under different names and guises empowering heroes and tapped by villains but have overall bent toward aiding the forces of creation and thwarting those of destruction.  The Empyrean force can seem capricious as it's view is eternal and smaller scales are difficult of it to comprehend.


Fa'Rua and Jolan Zal Na'ar are twins born to a family of mining colonists in a frontier asteroid belt.  Their early childhood was characteristic of those raised in the confines of such mining operations, their family loving if not wealthy, they were well cared for and happy.  Their mentat abilities were revealed around age eight, first in Jolans dreams of the future and past and soon in Fa'Rua's spatial abilities.  Jolans abilities were difficult to control and master and he was sent to an order of ascetic monks on the core worlds for training and discipline to master his abilities.  There he both mastered his own talents and the training of the order in diplomacy and martial arts.  He kept in contact with his family though the distance and rigorous training created a distance.  Fa'Rua remained with her family her abilities less dangerous to herself or others.  She honed her senses and her skills as a pilot in a misspent youth of unsanctioned racing in the mining tunnels and asteroid belt.  Upon adulthood she joined the Lor Star Navy after the depredations of the Communion in the Incursion.  Her skills as a pilot served her well but she bucked the regimented order of battle employed by the Star Navy and nearly washed out before transfering into the nascent Scout Corps, a division of the Colonial Bureaucracy given far greater latitude in their search for habitable worlds and potential allies.


It was in this service that she and Jolan were reunited, he as a diplomatic liaison for any first contacts, lost colonies , or independant colony efforts, her as pilot and scout.  An early mission saw them uncover an abandoned precursor site orbiting a white dwarf on the fringes of the frontier.  In the exploration they were exposed and joined with the Empyrean energy, it's cosmic power was too much for a single corporeal form so it split itself into both twins augmenting their abilities as it did so and now they can call it forth by joining as one.  Since that event they have continued to work as a team exploring the frontiers and teaching the Empyrean force about corporeal and temporal existence.


Costume and Appearance

The Empyrean Entity when manifest is a softly glowing blue white iridescent energy made solid.  Shadows or temporal and spatial paths trail it's movement leaving it seeming shifting slightly even when still.  It holds a humanoid form to best mirror the myriad forms of intelligent life seeded by the precursors in that form.  It is distinctly not of this world and when it speaks it's words form in the mind of those around it rather than traveling through the crude medium of pressure waves.  It can speak manually with effort but finds such efficient and limited.  It's form is only crudely humanoid lacking in definition and thus does not require nor bother with a costume or other covering of it's form, it's face is expressive but proportioned like a mask or dolls head with swirling cosmic flares as an approximation of eyes and shifting quantum flame cresting it's head in an approximation of hair (or feathers, or crested frill as species might see it)


Infinity is equipped with a light suit of environmentally sealed scout armor with a full helm.  The visor is usually closed hiding her features, the cuirasse has a backpack like structure for mobility jets and life support.  The armor is well used and bears the pock marks of battle against pirates and violent native life forms maring the gunmetal blue paint to reveal dull grey alloy beneath and the undersuit in a deep violet almost black.  Her pack also mounts her scout rifle in a quick release holster.  The armor is distinctly alien in design with the sweeping curves favored by Lor design, more likely to seen by terrans as costuming than military equipment.


Eternity is normally clad in the simple tunic and pants of his order.  While for some diplomatic missions he might wear more formal dress it remains understated if high quality.  When forced to operate in environs requiring it he dons a basic self sealing environmental suit. When visible his head is neatly shaven and his inhuman nature evident in his pointed ears and the inhuman shade of his eyes.  His gaze is piercing and sometimes unsettling as he acutely studies those he addresses.



Empyrean is empowered by the cosmic energies that it is formed from.  It is not alive in the traditional sense its corporeal form being generated from pure cosmic energy and is exceptionally difficult to damage.  Tuned to the song of the Cosmos it speaks directly to the minds around it and is able to sense the eb and flow of forces around it.  It can propel itself at great speed in vacuum and somewhat slower in atmosphere.  Most of it's prowess is in the form of directed cosmic energies allowing it to generate assorted blasts of varying intensity  or sap the energies from living sources around them.  In battle the Empyrean is straightforward relying on it's potent blasts and invulnerable physical form to carry the day and bothering little with more tactical approaches to conflict.


Infinity is able to sense an fold space allowing her to both accurately know her surroundings at all times giving her great tactical insight and to move about the battlefield instantly.  SHe relies on the mobility of her armor and space fold to get in position and unleash bursts of laser fire from her rifle.  


Eternity is tuned into the flow of time itself.  He is 'gifted' with visions of the past and future though with little control over them beyond the most immediate able to perceive incoming attacks moments before they are launched and evade or overcome defenses.  He has also harnessed his mastery of the temporal flow to speed or slow time localized around himself or an ally granting himself great speed or accelerating an allies strikes, or healing or binding foes in a bubble of slowed time.  Finally he's trained in the specialized Lor Martial Arts of his order able to launch precise blows to harm or disable enemies with strikes to nerve clusters or weakly armored locations.


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