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The History of the Zoss Family


Pre WW2:

The Zoss family have been known in Switzerland (and the surrounding area) as a successful mercantile family since the 18th Century, dealing in textiles initially but moving into food and wines. Their reputation was of moderate success and reasonably fair play, without being noteworthy for infamous or noble reason.


Rudolf Zoss

Rudolf Zoss was a noted businessman who prospered during world war 2 dealing in illicit goods and contraband. Whilst not a cruel man, he took advantage of the situation in a somewhat opportunistic way. During this time he stored goods and treasures acquired by Captain Gunther Spitzweg, a military man of considerable intelligence and interest in the Thule Society (and all things occult). Throughout world war 2, particularly in the latter years, Gunther was using Rudolf to scurry away treasured he has acquired in Africa for his own personal fortune (thus avoiding them being siphoned off to feed the Nazi Party coffers). A prize possession was a powerful Daka crystal he had acquired in his African operations.

When World War 2 ended, Spitzweg was missing in action, presumed dead. This meant that Rudolf Zoss had access to the acquired goods, and he used them – bar the Daka crystal which was kept as a family fortune.


Doctor Henri Zoss.

Henri Zoss went into medicine, specialising in immunology. His father, Rudolf, kept the business going but became increasing frail and elderly and this fortunes of the Zoss family waned considerably during this time.

Henri Zoss married the love of his life, Anna Zoss, in the family manion when he was a young man in his twenties. They were completely entwined, and the only sadness for them was that they only had one child, Auguste Zoss.

In 2015, Anna Zoss became seriously ill with a degenerative disorder that was quite mysterious. Henri devoted his time and energy to trying to save his wife, and in desperation experimented with the Daka crystal, modifying its energies to preserve and sustain life itself. Despite every effort, it was only a partial success. He managed to keep his beloved wife alive for two more years before she died.

Henri was heartbroken, a complete wreck. His own health was now failing due to his obsessive experimentation, and he had to resort to using his own partially successful experiments on himself. Even so, he was wasting away, dying from a broken heart.


Auguste Zoss/Diamondlight

In 2015, Henri Zoss, progressively frail, showed his son, Auguste, the Daka crystal and its energies. Explaining its history, Auguste was uncharacteristically furious, and deemed the crystal ruinous. He threw it into the lake by the family mansion. The shockwave feedback infused him with the bio-energies Henri had been experimenting with. This act empowered Auguste, who proceeded to take the name Diamondlight, keeping the origin of his power quite secret.

The Daka crystal continues to reside in Switzerland in the family home, keeping Henri Zoss alive although he continues to be extremely frail.


Academic Qualifications


Diamondlight did very well extending his student life – he wanted to study, but more importantly he wanted to explore Europe and immerse himself in that lifestyle for most of his twenties.


He has thus obtained degrees in:


Psychology: Cambridge University, Trinity.

European Law: Université Libre de Bruxelles

Economics (And Masters in Multinational Economic Theory): Paris School of Economics



Daka Bioenergetics


Diamondlight has been permanently infused with Daka crystal energy. There is no known limit to this energy, presumably he is recharged somehow, possibly by normal metabolism or from background cosmic radiation.


He is able to manifest this energy is glowing silver-blue light from his body. This energy can produce light, including lasers, or force constructs such as forcefields. He is also able to use this energy to distort light, giving him invisibility providing he does not move quickly (such movement makes the distortion obvious).


It is the shining quality of this energy, and its colour, that he has termed “DIamondlight”. The term thus both refers to himself and the energy he transmits.


A particular focus to Diamondlight is when he uses it through his eyes, allowing very long range, penetrating laser beams.




Diamonlight is wealthy. The Zoss fortunes have been waning for fifty years but are still substantial. Whilst he technically resides in his home town in Switzerland, in the family mansion, he is more usually abroad either on pleasure or business – or very often, a mixture of the two.


Whilst he makes a fair bit of money gambling (due to his world class skill in this), he is also intent on reviving the family fortunes, and is investing in real estate, and in particular, hotels, entertainment and catering venues.


In between such excursions and transitions, or more accurately woven in, he operates openly as Diamondlight. He does not advertise his powers, but he has decided not to conceal them either. 

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