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Power Armour Classifications


Due to the extensive and diverse capabilities of the various suits of power armour it has been decided that a quick reference categorization would be beneficial in helping field agents make tactical decisions regarding combatants.



Size Catagory


Used as an identifier to help differentiate between different models of similar armour this number comes first, as it is the most apparent physical characteristic of the armour, agents should note that size is not and should not be taken as a threat level assessment. Small armours have been known to carry powerful weapons miniaturized to an astonishing degree as have immense exo-frames proven far swifter and more graceful than expected by our engineers.


0: Generally around 5'6-6'4, these armours contain very little excess bulk and are generally exoskeletons worn by humans or piloted by beings of smaller stature.

1-4: 7'-10' tall. May potentially be for larger than human average wearer.

5-8: 11'-16ft tall, More humanoid war machines than suits, Power Armours of this size should require strict supervision in civilian areas.

9-12: 17'-30ft tall, Largest specification currently in use; Generally walking fortresses, these titans are heavily restricted in both use and deployment as weapons of mass destruction (Including None combat models)

20: up to 360ft, Theoretical Maximum on an earth like planet. 

(notes, Yes this is basically ranks of growth, either on the wearer or provided by the armour itself, )


Model type.


Pertains to the units standard operational intent; once more we stress that this is not a measure of how much threat a suit might pose but rather its intended purpose.


Co: Combat Armour designed Specificity for battle, generally carrying armaments purpose built for fighting and capable of engaging even meta-human opponents.


Es: Espionage Armour: Smaller and lighter variants that might offer no more protection than kevlar body-armour or more than even one of our Heavy MAX suits, Designed to aid in subterfuge (any classification of armour might or might not hinder such attempts.)


Ex: Exploratory Armour; designed as a sealed system for exploring hazardous locations; anywhere from the bottom of the sea to different dimensions and the far future or distant past. May have tools that make for excellent improvised weapons, such as cutting lasers or high pressure sheers.


Li/Rh: Life supporting/Rehabilitating Armour: designed primarily to cure, halt or circumvent injuries or conditions that affect the wearers body, anywhere from acting as a support exoskeleton to acute stasis technology to keep degenerative diseases from progressing. more than likely of significantly advanced technology and with a secondary classification.


Re: Rescue Operations armour, built with the intent of rescuing and/or providing relief to those endangered by disasters or in hazardous environments.


V/M: Variable/Modular Armour: Either built to fulfil a number of roles or capable of refitting itself to suit certain tasks, these armours are hard to gauge until they take action, caution and discretion is advised. usualy a secondary classification for suits that have moved away from their original purpose.


(Notes: Basicly intended to be a type, feel free to inform me of anything i might've missed or if you have a specific one you'd like to see added.)



The simplest designator so far, the level of armaments intrinsic to the suit itself, doesn't account for other devices or innate abilities of the wearer.


N: No Armament; the suit possesses no weapons or tools of its own.

L: Light armament, generally comparable to conventional weapons and specialized tools such as hydraulic Sheers, Water pressure Cutters or plasma torches

M: Medium armament: Comparable to tanks and gunship armaments in yield

H: Heavy armament; comparable to naval cannons and heavy artillery strikes in destructive capability

UH:Ultra-heavy armament; bearing enough fire-power to rival a warship or high threat level meta-humans

X: excessive destructive capabilities, would be considered a WMD under the terms established by the united nations in cases that possessed of nuclear or chemical weapons.


Technology Designation and Level.


Designed to give a brief overview of the suits basic principles and the level of its technology advancement


Type Designations

A: anomalous: Using "magic" or "cosmic" energy sources to facilitate technology that is by our scientific understanding impossible or impossibly miniaturized,


Na: the suit incorporates Nanites or other smart materials, Tech levels tend to sit on the high end of 3 


Mu: Materials and technology that are readily available to society at large. can sit anywhere on the tech level depending on miniaturization and functions of the armour itself.


Ex: Experimental, these models tend to sit at the frontiers of our current scientific understanding, known for their amazing capabilities as much as their tendency to have quirks. generally sitting on tech level 3.


X: Xeno, made from extra terrestrial materials or with technology from advanced civilizations such as the lor


Tech level Classifications

1: archaic,

2: within modern manufacturing's capabilities to produce

3: within The realm of theoretical Science 

4: Beyond current theoretical understanding



0-Co-N-A1: Black knight's "Mystic" plate Armour, Human-sized combat armour, Archaic design easily reproduced, it has displayed however Anomalous capabilities that are beyond our abilities to replicate.


4-Co-M-Mu3: Panda-Monium, communist china's pet project/Mascot,its systems are advanced and its power-source miniaturized as much as possible, the suit was designed before the panda was engineered, it just turned out to be too heavy for a regular human to wear.


0-Ex-N-Mu2: PanStar Sponsored hero Tekton makes use of a suit of light power armour that contains no offensive capabilities in and of itself but serves to insulate the wearer from light and sound based disorientation and is fitted with fiberous micro-oxygen tanks capable of providing oxygen for extended periods of time.


0-V-X-X4: Biotechnology symbiont used by Doctor deoxy, it is unknown how the suit was created as it seemed to be beyond our current grasp of even theoretical sciences, as such it has been given the Xeno-tech classification, what is known is that the suit contains a staggering amount of technology and is capable of producing all forms of energy and matter seemingly at will as well as temporarily altering atomic structures and molecular disintegration.

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