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The White Lion Legacy

Tiffany Korta

Since the foundation of Dakana there has always been a protector of the people, the White Lion(ess). Until recently those who bore the mantle also ruled the kingdom completely and whilst those who take up the mantle become King or Queen, they are now just one voice among those who rule Dakana.


When the current White Lion(ess) gives up the mantle, either voluntarily or through death, there is a competition open to all that are of the White Lion clan, by blood or marriage. After undergoing tests of strength, wisdom, courage and intelligence one is chosen to undergo the secret ritual to become the White Lion(ess). Empowered by the spirit of the White Lion receiving the strength, speed, senses, and courage.


Whilst any of the spirit animals of any of the families could also perform the ritual it has happened rarely and it understood as a burden that the White Lion(ess) should bare alone.


There have been many women and men that have taken up the mantle to defend their nation, but whilst their names are recorded and well know among the White Lion Clan there are not known to the rest of the world. Since the 1930's the White Lion(ess) and Dakana as a whole has become more known to the world at large.


Those that have been known to have taken up the mantle are:


  • Assatu: When the Nazi's tried to penetrate the borders of Dakana back in the 1930's and 40's to learn the secrets of Daka crystals it was the White Lioness that fought off their invasions. She was often aided by several Allied heroes, including  Ace Danger, and these encounters sparked an interest in the outside world that she spread to her children. She lived a long and fruitful life and some tell tales that she still lives preserved by the Daka crystal that she guarded faithfully.
  • M'Zale: The first White Lion to travel abroad to help the world at large. In the 1960's he joined the silver age Freedom League to keep Daka crystal safe from those who wished to misuse them. He died not long after his son took on the mantle.
  • M'Balla: Educated in the finest schools around the world he was the first to experience the wider world before becoming the White Lion. He also served with the Freedom League for the early part of the millennium, eventually giving up the mantle to help usher his nation into the 21st century.
  • Àjàṣorò: The sixteen-year-old daughter of M'Balla who has only recently become the White Lioness. She is going to attend Claremont Academy in Freedom City, and already know a lot about the wider world than many of her predecessors.

Edited by Tiffany Korta

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