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The Architects

Tiffany Korta

The Architects 

Around four thousand years ago the Sagittarian arm was a very different place, with most of the major stellar powers having not yet left their home systems. Instead, two races dominated this area of space. Having now both gone, long before most had left their home planet, information is sparse on these races, with only they’re ruins and a single person with information on these times. There are also traces of them in myths and legends of the local region.


The so-called Architects, named because of the building of impressive and intricately beautiful structures and items. Were a pacifistic space faring species that defended, though maybe not claimed, a sizable area of local space. They came into conflict with another species, often called just the Adversary who wished to dominate other species. Not being warlike, the Architects instead recruiting members of other species and modifying them genetically to be better fighters, before equipping them and sending them to fight battles to protect against the Adversary. There is some information that they took skilled individuals and cloned them as backup troopers.


This finally culminated in a massive stellar battle between the two species where it seems that the two species managed to wipe each other out, to the extent that when the others ventured into space, they found no trace of the two races or their servants. However, with their skills at cloning and other advanced powers, including the ability to give near immortality to their people, suggests that they might have survived in some manner but choose to leave this area of space for places unknown. The only reason to figure that they won is that the Adversary had malicious intent on the emergence races, though it could be possible they are just waiting for a time to strike. 


Biology and Appearance
Information about even the appearance of the two races are in doubt, with different races describing them in different ways. Even the one consistent description, as tall four armed blue skinned humanoids, with four black eyes, is in doubt as the person describing them admits that the race would change its appearance depending on the circumstances.


It has been suggested that the race, and maybe the Adversary, were energy beings and that was why they fought their battle through proxies. Even if they were, or are, they seem particularly attached to the physical world and creating physical items. Their beautiful intricate items are highly valued and collected but other races.

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