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Demonic Invasion


Demonic Invasion

The Demonic Invasion of Freedom City was a citywide event that occurred around November 9-11, 2009, and also encompassed events in the ten preceding days. After learning of a plan by his demonic father to kidnap him and use him as an entryway into Earth Prime, James Prophet (Hellion) a Claremont student and member of Young Freedom, left his school and his team to confront the forces of Hell on his own. He was quickly overwhelmed and despite the intervention of his friends, kidnapped and brainwashed by the demonic forces.

Ten days later, he returned as a demonic villain, bringing the massed forces of Hell along with him. They ravaged the city, leaving the heroes to gather in small bands to protect each other and what civilians they could. Young Freedom faced down their much-changed teammate and were able to reach the humanity still inside him enough to turn him back to the side of good. The demons were banished and time itself was rolled back by divine intervention, so that to this day, most people in Freedom City are totally unaware of the entire event.


Young Freedom

  •  The Morning Of James and his best friend Erin (Wander) spend an early morning together, playing video games and talking, with James never revealing that he's trying to say goodbye.
  •  Speak of the Devil On Halloween Night, James' friends find the note he left and go to find him.
  •  Another One Bites the Dust Hellion confronts the forces of Hell, which turns out to be a terrible plan. Young Freedom comes to assist, waging a pitched battle with the demons, but in the end, they cannot prevent him from being dragged down and away by the demons. 
  • Fallen Friends Wander and Psyche work through the night in Young Freedom's HQ, battling despair as they keep looking for signs of Hellion. 
  •  Invasion: Riverside Gate Hellion returns to Earth with the armies of hell. While the other heroes of Freedom try to hold the buckling city together, Young Freedom faces down their teammate in a desperate bid to turn him back to the side of good.
  •  Rapprochement With the crisis passed, James sets about mending some fences, and retrieves the keys to his beloved car.

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