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Character Page Template


Here is a possible template for a Guidebook page about a PC or NPC character. This is merely a suggestion, not a rule. You can use any part of it, all of it, or add your own ideas to it. To use it in its entirety, merely copy and paste it to an editor window in the appropriate Guidebook chapter. 


(Character Name) 
(Brief Summary of Character here, who they are, where they operate, what they are like) 

(Character History Information. This can be an expanded version of the backstory given on the character sheet, information on what the character has done since coming to Freedom City, or anything else relevant.) 

Costume and Appearance
(What your character looks like, in civilian and heroic identity. Details about face, hair, height, build, types of clothing they are likely to wear. Description of their costume, design, color, mask if applicable, visible weapons or gadgets, special features.) 

(Information about character powers. Cool origin of powers, descriptors, especially interesting power stunts, potential weaknesses.) 

(Friends and teammates of your character, special relationships, family members)

(Sidekick, HQ, Etc)
(Create additional paragraphs for special features your character has. If they have a headquarters, describe it, how it is equipped, where it is located, how the hero came to have it. If they have a sidekick, the sidekick may warrant their own page, or simply a paragraph about them on the hero's page. You can also make sections for favored devices, your character's profession, or anything else you want to talk about.) 

(The timeline is a useful reference to all the threads your character has been in.  The easiest way to make a timeline is to start with the year your character began, in the season they were introduced, and list all their threads in that season using the unordered-list button (buttons instead of numbers.) For every full year your character has been in play, start a new year in the timeline, with seasons listed Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Fall running till the Winter Solstice or all the way till the New Year. Make a link to the thread for easy later reference, and add a blurb describing what happened in that thread. The blurb can be as short or as long as is necessary to convey the important things that happened, or at least to give an idea.)  




  • The Sweet Science: Erin and Mike help Coach Jones test out some new gym equipment and prepare for their upcoming placement tests.
  • Placement Test: WanderMr. Archer, the gym teacher, gives Erin her combat assessment in the Doom Room holosimulator. After priming her adrenaline response with physical challenges and perceived threats to life and limb, he tells her to fight four simulated opponents using her normal fighting style. She frightens off one opponent, kills the next two messily, and nearly knocks herself unconscious fighting the last one before Mr. Archer ends the test. Both of them are badly shaken by the testing and what it reveals about Erin's readiness to fight for the side of good.
  • What Dreams May ComeRattled by the combat assessment, Erin falls asleep and has a nightmare, inadvertently pulling her psychic roommate Alex along for the ride. Alex gets a look at the horrors of Erin's past and does her best to help, bringing the pair closer together.


  • Beautiful CityErin and Alex work together in the Doom Room for the first time, where Alex acquits herself well despite Erin's overprotective instincts. They are rewarded by additional homework from Mr. Archer.
  • The Morning OfJames and Erin play video games in the early morning hours of October 31. James mentions he's been having odd power spikes, and cagily mentions he has to deal with family business that evening. Erin shares that she's been confined to quarters for the evening to prevent accidents with partygoers. As he says goodbye, James tosses Erin the keys to his car, saying he won't be needing them. Erin misses the ominous overtone, too excited about the chance to go driving.




  • Money for NothingOver Christmas Break, Alex cooks up a plan to play the stock market and build up a college fund for Zoe. She hires Erin to keep an eye on the stocks at night, and helps her out by making her a stock-owning employee of the new company and dumping a basic course in the stock market into her head. Erin is not sure about any of this working, but needs money for cat food and wants to help out anyway.

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