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Common Knowledge

Avenger Assembled

If you live in the World of Freedom, what do you know? 


1. Superheroes have been around since World War II. Some people don't like superheroes but most people do. 

2. Aliens are real. Some of them live right here on Earth. Some are good (the Lor), some are not (the Grue). 

3. Some people say magic is real, but that's probably just a lot of bunk. 

4. The city in the world with the most superheroes is Freedom City, New Jersey, a shining city of tomorrow! 

5. The world's greatest hero was the Centurion - he died saving us all back in 1993. 

6. The world's greatest heroes are part of the Freedom League. The Centurion lived in, and the Freedom League was headquartered in, Freedom City. Nowadays the Freedom League is headquartered in a satellite, though. 

7. You've heard of people traveling in time and coming from other dimensions, but what are the odds that could actually happen to you? 

8. The Terminus is an evil alien place. It's invaded Earth multiple times. They killed the Centurion; they killed lots of innocent people. 

9. Some people get their powers from the Terminus. You're not sure about that. 

10. A few years ago a giant face appeared on the Moon and told everyone the world was doomed, but the heroes put a stop to that. 

11. Atlantis is real! So are Deep Ones - evil fishmen who want to eat your head. 


If you live in Freedom City, what do you know (besides what's above)? 

A. The Interceptors live in the West End. They're a team of pretty people who keep the neighborhood safe. 

B. You like Fleur de Joie (the plant lady), Gabriel (the angel guy), Gaian Knight (the rock guy), Tiamat (the dragon lady), and Velocity (the speedy lady) - they're the front line of the Freedom League! Comrade Frost is also on the Freedom League. 

C. AEON or the Albright Institute can help with superhero problems. 

D. Fast-Forward and Hologram are former supervillains who have a show on the Discovery Channel. 

E. Miss Americana is the beloved science heroine everyone's heard of.

F. Ace Danger is an immortal adventurer from a family of adventurers - the Danger brand is on a lot of things, and has been for a long time. 

G. The Freedom League's ground headquarters, Freedom Hall, is in the center of town. 

H. Claremont Academy is a very, very exclusive prep school in Bayview. 

I. Nighthawk guards the Fens, the crummiest neighborhood in the city. 



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