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heropicture=GeckomanHF.png |heroid=Geckoman |secretid=Christopher James Kenzie |gender=Male |birthdate= 17th May 1992 |height=5'10" |weight=160 lbs. |hair=Brown |eyes=Brown

[ Geckoman] is a costumed adventurer currently based in Freedom City, who has an assortment of gadgets in addition to his gecko-derived superpowers. He was designed by and is played by Ecalsneerg.

In Character

Powers & Abilities

Even without his superpowers, Chris Kenzie is a gifted athlete and dilettante. Physically and mentally quick and resilient, notable skill-sets include prowess at acrobatics, an affinity for technology, piloting, and a very potent capacity to lie, persuade and taunt people while simultaneously seeing through their attempts to do the same. While a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, trained by Erin White in addition to Claremont Academy classes, his abilities nonetheless pale next to many superheroes.

With his powers, Geckoman is a formidable foe. Able to see the heat radiating off a man in a dark room, and see flawlessly in a dim one, his sense of smell is likewise heightened to the point where he no longer needs his eyes to fight. His stamina and reflexes are similarly enhanced, to Olympic athlete levels. Through electrostatic charge in the tips of his fingers and toes, he can run up walls as swiftly as he can move on ground. In addition, he possesses a healing factor powerful enough to heal mortal wounds within hours, shrug off knife and bullet wounds, and regenerating muscle tissue from damage swiftly enough that he is able to out-run and out-leap normal capabilities without fear of injury. These abilities all stem from a serum designed by the supervillain Spellbound, designed for speed and endurance over outright power. 300px|left|Joe Dempsie as Chris Kenzie


Geckoman wears a very distinctive, colourful jumpsuit woven from a mixture of kevlar and spandex fibres, for a balance of flexibility and subtlety. The suit is a bright green colour, with a large yellow G emblazoned across its front. Complementing the jumpsuit is a face mask of similar fabric, leaving only the eyes, nose and mouth exposed. Atop the mask, he wears a large round pair of orange goggles, tinted slightly but not enough to hinder visibility. His boots, gloves and utility belt are made from a yellow-hued leather with the fabric worn away until threadbare on the soles and fingers to allow his wall-crawling ability to function fully.

In his civilian identity, Chris is predisposed to baggy t-shirts and cheap jeans. They're both easy enough to conceal his costume using, and easily replaced if he has to change into his costume quickly and loses his outfit. In part due to his hectic lifestyle, and in part due to his personal demeanour, he also tends to look scruffy, with patchy stubble starting to grow in, unkempt hair in need of a trim and scuffed, scratched-up shoes.

This isn't particularly noticeable, as he is one of those lucky few graced with an innate charm and presence that means that his unkemptness generally ceases to matter because of his constant grin. Chris isn't especially attractive or notable to look at, but can still make people pause just by grinning at them.


Due to his lack of any real offensive superpowers or great skill at arms, Geckoman resorts to use of various gadgets. His primary offensive weapons were a pair of wrist bracers he dubbed 'zappers'. Fired by forming a fist and twisting the wrist, the weapon amplifies a source of electrcity and sends a powerful current through the air in order to create a stunning blast. Although Geckoman did not use the function, it can also kill by creating an extraordinarily powerful current. Currently he does not use them due to returning them to Spellbound, their creator.

He also carries a utility belt containing useful items like smoke pellets, a blowtorch and shock knuckles. The latter are a simply-constructed metal knuckleduster charged with electrical current. To replace his zappers, he has taken to using G-shaped yellow boomerangs caled 'Geckorangs'.

His main method of transport is an airship named the 'Ptychozoon', after a genus of gliding gecko. However, this is usually shortened to 'Pitchoo'. The craft is large enough to seat several people, along with supplies. Although its exact fuel system has yet to be gauged, it is known that it is entirely self-sufficient and doesn't require refuelling. Its main armaments are two cannon-sized versions of the 'zappers', which drop down as turrets from the underside of the ship. The maximum speed it has recorded so far is nearly 1,000 MPH, with no signs of struggling to reach that speed (although maneuverability was compromised).


Early Years

Chris was born to James and Marsha Kenzie in May of 1992. Growing up in a middle-class neighbourhood (due to his parents' jobs as an account and a beautician), Chris lived a very ordinary life, going to a normal school with normal friends. Described as a charming boy, his grades were nonetheless awful because, as his teachers put it, he didn't apply his intellect to anything. As such, he often found himself slacking off from class and getting into trouble for truancy.

Origin Story

One day while slacking off from school, Chris wandered into a warehouse which had just been raided by police and its inhabitant arrested. While there, he was amazed to find a full laboratory, full of gadgets and chemicals. Accidentally, while “acquiring” some of these gadgets for his own use, he pricked himself on a needle.

It was at this point he found his trademark airship. Looking around it in awe, he sat down at the controls and played around with them. At this point, the serum he'd accidentally taken triggered a massive epileptic seizure, sending the ship careering out of control. When Chris awoke, it was to see his hand, sliced off by plate glass, slowly regrowing before his eyes. Over the next few days he discovered his slowly growing powers of heightened senses, regeneration and wall-crawling.


Consumed with guilt, yet unwilling to risk prison by turning his finds in again, Chris decided to do good. Making himself a costume, and painting the airship green, he became the Geckoman, flying around in his airship the Ptychozoon, named after a genus of flying gecko he'd found online. However, this soon got shortened to Pitchoo.

One day, flying around and causing damage due to his inexpert control of the airship, he came to the attention of Duncan Summers. It was at this point his parents were made aware of his superpowers (though not his superheroic identity), and he received a scholarship to the Claremont Academy.

Personality & Motivation

Geckoman is the the eternal optimist, facing down even the most terrifying foes with a nod and a wisecrack. However, when really pressed, he stops laughing and joking around, and gets deadly serious. Generally affable to all he meets, even villains, Chris and Geckoman alike can be best be described as personable. Unfortunately, he does often come across as rude and blunt simply because he will go off onto self-engroseed tangents, even mid-sentence.

Initially, Chris became Geckoman after finding himself in possession of much of his gear and superpowers simply through blatant theft. Thus, his initial foray into superheroics was both a mixture of guilt and thrill-seeking. However, after the events of Geckoman R.I.P, he found that he could not quit being Geckoman, and that while he'd initially had impure motives, that was who he was. As such, he has matured and grown to take his career as a superhero significantly more seriously.

300px|right|Geckoman dislikes robots

Recent History

Early Days

Shortly after beginning his tenure at Claremont, he formed a long-standing friendship with the genius Darian Cale. While the two were friends for a long period of time, they rarely got into adventures with each other, particularly in recent years. However, a training exercise initiated at a Hallowe'en dance led to the two teaming up with the sonic controller High Note to fight [ holograms of lions and tigers and bears]. This was incidentally the first time Chris wore a Raven costume, this time due to the fancy dress theme.

These inexperienced days also included an [ unceremonious beatdown] from Reaver, a supervillain in an alien power suit.

Hitting the Big Time

Geckoman began getting involved in adventures with older superheroes, beginning with when he, along with several other big-name heroes, was [ turned into a woman] by Doc Otaku's genderswitch ray.

In addition, Duncan Summers, concerned with his inability to dissuade Chris from acting like an idiot, sent his daughter (Raven II) to teach Geckoman tactics and detective work, skills that quickly became part of his repertoire. During this, they thwarted a plot by [ the Fear-Master and Conundrum].

Young Freedom

While Geckoman first became involved with teens who would become Young Freedom on a disastrous night out, the team itself did not form properly until an attack by two inexperienced teen villains on a [ baseball stadium]. In the aftermath, they became a superteam by de facto, and while they operated together on several missions, socially Chris was not particularly close to most of them (except perhaps his roommate Eddie Guerrero). Their most notable adventures included [ an accidental excursion to Erde] and [ travelling to Africa to rescue the White Lion] (during which they had a run in with Shadivan Steelgrave and had to rescue Edge)

During their most trying hour, the Hell Invasion, Geckoman was separated from the team, and ended up fighting in the final line of defence at Danger Manor.


Leaving Young Freedom


Alternate Versions

Geckoman Noir

In this timeline, the Hell Invasion happened and was repelled. However, unlike the main canon, time wasn't reversed, leaving Freedom City a shattered husk. Chris Kenzie became estranged from Young Freedom for their willingness to forgive Hellion, becoming a private detective in the now-derelict and half-abandoned city.

By the time of the story, he's an embittered cynic who uses a .44 Magnum and chain smokes cigarettes. The Pitchoo is non-functional due to Quark and Spellbound's deaths leaving none able to repair it.

Out of Character

Words From The Creator

Geckoman is a sign that sometimes stupid ideas grow into something significantly larger. When bored one day, I decided to base a hero around the sample power configurations for Animal Mimicry shown in Ultimate Power. And thus, combined with having just read Watchmen, Geckoman was born, somehow ending up as the bastard child of Ted Kord, Ultimate Spider-Man, with a little Jaime Reyes for good measure.

I like to think of him as an homage to all I like about optimistic superhero comics. This is why, despite the similarities to Batman he shares with Arrowhawk, he is in fact a reference to Superman. The initials “CK”, an origin story involving a rocket crashing into a hillside, a love interest with the initials “LL”… While he isn't a squeaky-clean Silver Age homage, tempered by my own teenage experiences, he's nonetheless a deeply idealistic character.

Powers & Tactics

Geckoman actually has a lot of options in combat. And, as unlike the other Claremont kids he can't dish out or take a lot of damage, this works in his favour. He can feint and taunt like a demon, easily rendering opponents flat-footed or shaken. Then, using Set-Up, he can transfer those benefits to the aforementioned damage-dealers. Alternately, on his own, he can use that flat-footed status to Sneak Attack and Power Attack for a little offensive punch.

Surprisingly, he's actually really hard to put down. His high Defense, combined with regenerating from Bruises and Injuries as a free action means that it takes either a good, solid blow, or lots of smaller ones to keep him down for long. This isn't helped by the fact that if he knocks the lights out in a room, or drops a smoke bomb, he doesn't suffer a miss chance due to Accurate scent, infravision and low-light vision.

In the Pitchoo, he's terrifying. Using the Mastermind's Manual rules for vehicular combat means his Pilot score and the Pitchoo's Toughness throws him up to PL13 defensively. Without him even trying. He's also got a PL10 offence, and flies at speeds only fighter jets can match (or other flying superheroes).

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