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Supersense that needs "charging / warming up"


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Angel of Redemption has something like this, only for her Acts of Faith

I have the flaw: Requires full round action to pray before using. Archville hasn't blasted it (yet) and so I'm guessing its ok. I would also guesstimate (great word :D) that it would a -2 modifier.

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Per Ultimate Power, it's a Drawback to increase the time it takes to use a Super-Sense.

1 point for a move action

2 points for a standard action

3 points for a full-round action

Further time requirements move one step up the Time Table per point, although the GM should decide of such constitutes a desirable drawback (Super-Senses taking a minute or more aren’t particularly useful in most settings).

As with all drawbacks, this one must have a point value less than the total cost of the Super-Senses effect.

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