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Well! Alice is sneaky and she's going before them in round 1 anyway, so they should be flat-footed, which is her favorite thing. She'll ambush the guy with a gun to Sofia's head while he's busy looking at Boxing Anna.


Melee Attack Roll vs. Thug (Power Attack -5/+5): 1d20+12-5 27

.....okay. Well! I'll...just....take that +5 for the crit, I guess.


With her weapon (I love you, PF: Subtle), sneak attack, and power attack, that'd be DC25 on damage, DC30 with the crit. If the guy's not a minion, though, I'd rather do a Disarm with the +15 opposed roll against his Strength check.

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Anna Cline: 
Anna punches the one who said the Hammer of Justice's name. 

http://orokos.com/roll/546059 = 24 

Her Autofire exceeds the DC to hit him by 9 (4) 

DC 23 


Okay, he failed by 11 so he's staggered and dazed. 

She can't move now or she'd be leaving Espy in a room with guns - so I'll give her an HP! 

She'll surge to hit Thug 2 again

http://orokos.com/roll/546067 = 30! 


4 + 5  + 4 + 15 = DC 28 

http://orokos.com/roll/546069 = he's down!

I'll spend that HP to clear the fatigue next round. 


Thug 1: 

Puts a squeeze on Sofia! That's a DC 20 Toughness save for Sofia (take an HP since I put you in the Grapple out of combat) 


Thug 2: 

is down! 


Thug 3: 

doesn't know who to shoot! It came up Tails, so he'll try for Gremlin. 


Okay! That's a DC 20 Toughness save for Gremlin



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She'll use the taser in her phone: 


Taser                        Touch           DC 18 Fortitude                Stun


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Move Action: Acrobatic Feint. My rolls have really not gone well lately, so I'm just going to auto-10 this for a 29.

Standard Action: Charge and hope the penalty to defense doesn't get Alice shot again.


Melee Attack Roll vs. Thug 3 (Charge +2, Power Attack -5/+5): 1d20+12+2-5 12

That won't do at all; if she has to go back with a lower KO count than Sofia she'll never live it down.


Melee Attack REROLL vs. Thug 3 (Charge +2, Power Attack -5/+5): 1d20+12+2-5 13

Well, reroll rules bump that up to a 23, so that'll do. Alice is down to 2HP (between this and the previous reroll), and she's at -2 defense until her next turn.


(15 base + 2 Damage + 2 Str + 2 Sneak + 5 power attack=) DC26 Toughness save for the thug. (Which means I shorted myself by one on the previous disarm! I need to be better at math.)

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