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Ever had one of those moments?

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*Looks at list on desk 'Stuff to get back before school ends!*

For the record, school has already ended, and I am missing...

Shadow of the Colossus - PS2: Tom

DnD PHB 3.5: Kyle

Young Frankenstein: Kyle

Bladestorm: Kyle

Baseball Glove: Kyle

$50.00: Kyle

Blue Beetle Comics: Zack G.

Pheonix Wright: Zack B.

There's other smaller things, but those are the major offenders....I want my stuff back, and I can't insist since i'm slightly non confrontational, and I don't see them often enough.

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Agreed, i have those frustrating moments.

I currently have Firewarrior rented to a mate, and I can't seem to get it back.

Nevermind, I still have his DnD 3.5 ed Players handbook and Dungeon masters guide, each roughly £25 where as the games worth £15 nowadays, I win. :D

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