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The Physicist - PL 6 - Vaalus

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Players Name: Vaalus

Power Level: 6

Characters Name: The Physicist

Alternate Identity: Albert McKellin (Actual Name Unknown)

Height: 5’6â€Â

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Description: Albert was an average 16 year old kid. He was average in height, weight, and appearance. His grades were average with the exception of science. He was quiet in school, not much ever came of his obsession with science, until he completed the perfect equation.

History: Albert was a young student of physics at his high school. He was a year ahead of his class and didn’t talk to anybody. He had no friends and participated in no after school activities. This changed one fateful day at home while working on an experiment in his basement.

--Albert had constructed an experimental device he hoped would help bring an understanding to physics to the world. Physics was his passion, and the only thing he understood without question. His hope would be that through understanding physics, that maybe they would understand him. That would not be the case. As he flipped the lever to activate his machine he accidentally knocked over his pen jar. A falling pen connected two pieces of metal that were not meant to connect, sending a pulse of energy flooding into the basement.

--By the time the blackout finally came and shut down his machine, Albert lay lifeless. His efforts would not go without thanks. As his body fell to the floor a being of pure energy, invisible to the universe, took notice. He was a member of a species who had long ago ascended past their mortal bodies though the pursuit of science. He was young in comparison to the rest of his people, and through his views, was cast out from them. To his luck at that moment a body became dormant, and not wishing this moment to pass him by, took possession of it.

--Using his powers over physics and this new body, he entered the Claremont academy as a new student using Albert McKellin’s name as an alias. He would train with these humans, learn to think like them and even pretend to be one of their “heroesâ€Â.


Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 10 (+0)

Con: 10 (+0)

Int: 24 (+7)

Wis: 10 (+0)

Cha: 10 (+0)

Combat: 12pp

Attack: +0

Defense: +6 (+3 Flat Footed)

Initiative: +0

Grapple: +6 (Telekinesis)


Toughness: +6

Fortitude: +5

Reflex: +6

Will: +8

Skills: 7pp (28 skill points)

Computers: +4 (+11)

Knowledge Physics: +10 (+17)

Notice: +5 (+5)

Search: +1 (+8)

Profession Scientist: +8 (+8)



-Complete Understanding of Physics (Magic) 13 (31pp)

--Base Power- Teleport 5 (Extras: Accurate, 25-ft. Burst Area; PFs: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Turnabout, Progression 2 - 500 lbs, Selective)*

AP: Blast 6 (+1 General Area Shapeable, PF: Affects Insubstantial, Precise, Subtle, Indirect, Progression x2 150 cubic feet, Knockback x2) [Descriptor]

AP: ESP 6 (All senses PF: Subtle, Dimensional = Plane of Thought (Astral))

AP: +1 Impervious, +2 Reflective, PF: Subtle (For Forcefield) (6 ranks)

AP: Invisibility (All visual)

AP: Telekinesis 6 (+1 Damaging, +1 Perception, PF: Split Attack, Subtle)

- Force field 6


DC Block:


Blast 6 16/Reflex, 21/Toughness Bruise/Injury

Telekinesis 6 21/Toughness Bruise/Injury

Costs: Abilities (14) + Combat (12) + Saves (20) + Skills (07) + Feats (00) + Powers (37) - Drawbacks (00) = Total Cost

*1 - "Can teleport unattended items within 25 feet of himself, up to 500 lbs. total."

Edit* Updated Powers

Edit 2* Took 1 point from Fortitude Save and added one power feat for teleport "Selective"

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One tiny error and one question:

A) ESP 7 (all senses) would cost 28 pp instead of the of 26 you have available.

B) Are you sure of that grapple bonus of +15 w/ telekinesis? According to the base effect Move Object you grapple "with a Strength bonus equal to your power rank" which would be 6.

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A) Yes, that's right it is 28. I lowered the ranks in the array from 15 to 13 and forgot to lower the rest of the powers in the array. I had to edit to update them and I forgot to lower the ranks in the power there, I'll fix that.

B) Another one of those problems where I read part of the description to a power I don't use often and didn't finish all the way. You would be correct in that it is only power rank, so I will fix that.

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Well, A) happens to me all the time :D and I'd probably never have caught anything if I weren't brooding over a build using both ESP and Move Object effects herself right now. Anyway, better to get these things out of the way before the Judges look.

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Your character looks ready, points-wise, but there's one thing that I think works differently from how you intended it. The Area Teleport does not affect other people without the Affects Others extra (or with Portal). If you added that extra, you would also need to add the Selective power feat (or else teleport anyone willing to come along within a 25-foot radius). As it is made now, you could teleport unattended objects that are within that radius, which is sort of underwhelming for the cost. Let me know if you want to tweak that power.

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I do want to put selective on it, actually, I had forgotten that, but otherwise it is exactly as I intended. I'll tweak it, and only it, to add selective. Eventually he'll take other people through it, but right now it is mainly built for him to teleport and if needed make quick heists (it's real easy to rob a bank when all you have to do is stand in the vault and all the money goes with you).

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You still need Affects Others or Portal for that. Even if you're just using it to take other objects, the fact that Teleport is a Personal power means it must have Affects Others (changing it to a Touch range power) in order to get anything else.

I could be wrong, I don't have my book in front of me to check myself, but I was pretty sure the Area Extra for Teleport says you can take any unattended item with you within an area. I don't want to take people, or the items they have.

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It's undefined, to tell the truth. The main book doesn't have a specific entry for the Area extra, and UP only talks about it in the context of being applied to an Affects Others teleport. Since Dr. Archeville and I seem to view it differently, we'll discuss it with the other referees and get back to you with the decision.

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We came to the conclusion that a) Area wouldn't exactly work like that and B) +1/rank is an acceptable cost for an extra that allows you to teleport non-living objects that you aren't actually touching. The net result is that the cost is ok as you have it.

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Make it something along the lines of

--Base Power- Teleport 5 (Extras: Accurate, 25-ft. Burst Area; PFs: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Turnabout, Progression 2 - 500 lbs, Selective)

With a note somewhere saying "Can teleport unattended items within 25 feet of himself, up to 500 lbs. total."

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One other thing: I'm assuming this

AP: +1 Impervious, +2 Reflective, PF: Subtle (6 ranks)

means that, when that AP is active, his Force Field 6 becomes both Impervious and Reflective? If so, a note to that effect (maybe just tagging on "for Force Field" at the end) would be appreciated :)

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Before I sanction him, I need to know what his Shapeable Blast is. The descriptors are important there, because it's got a lot of stuff in it and I want to know how it all looks when he uses it.

The general idea behind his shapeable blast is that the space around him distorts, creating a visual ripple that he shapes into a damaging spatial attack.

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