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Let me take it from the top. Vincent Mortelini, while not that nice of a guy, has organized a private counter-terror group. Called the Phantom Network, they're darn near everywhere. In the United States (and Canada too, honestly), however, their interference primarily takes the form of feeding info to superheroes. Elsewhere they (and BLACK, Vincent's super powered strike team, wanted for many crimes) can show up just about anywhere there's really bad guys who need go away. Note I don't say supervillains, as that's not really his deal. Think the Punisher with Nick Fury's global perspective, Batman's cash flow and the sheer stubborn determination of any (or all) of the three, and you're most of the way there. Thoughts on making this a reality?




Second thing. The Exiles, overview located here, are ready to set up their own superkid school. And yes, we have Claremont. But how effective is it at finding the worst off kids? Blackrose and the gang have had it rough, and they'd like to prevent that happening to anyone else ever. Basically, a superkid school for those who slip through the cracks. Those who Claremont's superkid finders just miss. I think it's an interesting idea, as a clash of ideologies. Teaching kids what they need to survive in a superpowered world (and a general distrust of fully grown adults) over a more traditional high school experience with superpowers. Exile House would pick up the superkids that are outcasts and misfits, compared to what Claremont recruits. Which is saying something. But what do you think?




The last one is a bit less formed. Primarily because it's meant to be PC-shaped, honestly. The bottom line is that we don't have a detective society. Where the cowls and costumed detectives can get together and trade notes. With as many of those as there are in Freedom, this is kind of weird. So I'd more or less like Terrifica (or someone else, I'm wide open here) to start one. That's all I've got there, so please give me your thoughts.

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For the detective society.  Sounds like something you should tap some investigative PC's to see if they're interested in doing.  Personally, I think the most likely scenario would be some sort of online chatroom ala Discord where heroes bounce ideas off another as a background detail.  Akin to Detective Chimp and Batman's online correspondence.

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I was thinking the same thing, HGM! I've only seen it in a few issues (I don't read as many comics as I used to), but I loved the idea that some of chatroom's denizens knew each other's identities, but not all.

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