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Starting a thread, anyone interested?

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Hi, I just signed up for this forum and got my first character approved. I want to do something to get myself and my character integrated into the campaign world.

Basically, I'd like to start a thread where Sir Ashcroft (Neo-Knight's rich English alter ego) holds a moving-in party at his waterfront estate in Bayview. Hopefully, it would provide an opportunity for Neo-Knight to get acquainted with all the heroes in Freedom City. If I'm lucky, maybe some super-villains will crash the party and we'll have some combat.

So, anyone interested in joining/crashing the party?

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Isn't the party for your character's secret identity?

Technically yes, but I figure that since anyone who's anyone will be there, at least a few heroes will show up. And a scene with so many heroes out-of-costume would be a perfect opportunity for villains to get them off guard.

P.S. It wasn't obviously stated, but no one knows Sir Ashcroft is a super hero yet.

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