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Captain Communist - Ryoga - PL10

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Captain Communist

PL 11 (11/151 pp)

Unspent PP: 1

Stats: [50 PP]

Str: 22 (+6) [12 PP]

Dex: 22 (+6) [12 PP]

Con: 22 (+6) [12 PP]

Int: 18 (+4) [8 PP]

Wis: 14 (+2) [4 PP]

Cha: 12 (+1) [2 PP]

Combat: [40 PP]

Attack: +10 (+10 melee; +10 ranged) [20 PP]

Defense: +10 (+14 w/ Shield; +5 flatfooted) [20 PP]

Initiative: +10

Grapple: +16

Saves: [12 PP]

Toughness: +6 [0 PP]

Fortitude: +10 [4 PP]

Reflex: +10 [4 PP]

Will: +6 [4 PP]

Skills: 12 PP

Acrobatics 4, (+10) [1 PP]

Climb 4, (+10) [1 PP]

Intimidate 4, (+8) [1 PP]

Knowledge (Tactics) 12, (+16) [3 PP]

Notice 8, (+12) [2 PP]

Search 4, (+8) [1 PP]

Sense Motive 4, (+8) [1 PP]

Stealth 4, (+10) [1 PP]

Swim 4, (+10) [1 PP]

Feats: 20 PP

Assessment [1 PP]

Benefit 2 (Masterful Tactics 2) * ** [2 PP]

Blind-Fight [1 PP]

Diehard [1 PP]

Elusive Target [1 PP]

Evasion 2 [2 PP]

Fearless [1 PP]

Improved Initiative [1 PP]

Improved Throw [1 PP]

Improved Trip [1 PP]

Improved Disarm [1 PP]

Luck 2 [2 PP]

Master Plan [1 PP]

Power Attack [1 PP]

Precise Shot 2 [2 PP]

Uncanny Dodge (Visual) [1 PP]

* Can use your Knowledge (Tactics) skill instead of your raw Int bonus for the Masterplan feat roll.

** Can use your Knowledge (Tactics) skill in place of a Stealth or related skill check to set up an attempt to surprise opponents in combat and for the Notice or Sense Motive check needed to detect an ambush or to avoid a feint in combat.

Powers: 16 PP (-4 to PP total of 20 from device, making it 16)

Device 4 (Hard to Lose) [shield; 16 PP]

Shield 4 ( 4 PP)

Blast 4 [Power Feats: Mighty 6, Ricochet; 15 PP] [15 PP]

AP: Strike 4 [Power Feats: Improved Critical 2 (18-20), Mighty, Split 1, Takedown 2; [1 PP]

DC Block:


(Unarmed +10) (DC 21) (Bruise)

(Shield +10) (DC 25) (Bruise)

Costs: Abilities (50) + Combat (40) + Saves (12) + Skills (12) + Feats (20) + Powers (16) = 150


Captain Communist (To be referred to as CC), has a heavy accent, often replacing words in English for words in Russian, and mumbles often when annoyed, always in Russian. CC has a penchant for Patriotism towards Communism, and will often be seen refusing any signs of another countries government and radicals. In his own country, he has been known to intervene and kill a government official who was badgering the people. He is a man of facades, he wishes to gain the support of the people, but lusts for the power of an army. His ideals are still geared towards that of the people first, but he is convinced he is the only man in the world who can balance communism effectively, and erase it’s poor track record.

CC is quiet, he will not start a conversation, and will not give answers that seem pointless. If someone asks what his problem is, he won’t answer, leaving them to figure out the answer that is none of their business. CC will rush head-first into battle to save his associates if they have proven themselves, plagued too often by untrustworthy people that surrounded him, he is searching to find trusting associates, Villains or Heroes, he is not subjective and does not use those terms. There are those who have wronged, and are ‘mis-led’ and there are those of fine character by his own terms. He believes his terms make the man, not a guideline on etiquette.


Ivan Petrovic sat at his cherry-oak desk, chin lifted, itching his chin lightly. It was his day today, in one hour he would suit up, call up his troops, and take over Russia. His family would be restored to it’s former glory. His Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather; Vanya Petrovic IV, would be proud of his blood-line, and their ability to recover their deserved place in Russia. Ivan looked in scorn at the book that cursed his families name upon the desk. ‘The Petrovic Rule in Russia: Tyranny At Its Finest’. He picked up the book, it’s weight a burden not only on his hand, but his soul. He threw the book across the room, and wiped his hand on his pant-leg. The filth of that books injustice had to be wiped off. He mumbled to himself, “ØÑÂтþрøѠÿþøÑÂтøýõ ýðÿøÑÂðýð ÿþñõôøтõÃȄÂüø…†(“History is truly written by conquerors…â€Â) Just then he went into a momentary deep depression. The memory of his families downfall at the hands of a greedy underling could not pass. That ba***rds family still reigned today, and they would pay for it. The Petrovic’s form of rule would be shown again, Communism, for the people. Not the capitalist infested communist pig-sty it was today.

As Ivan brooded over his family history, and the man on the Russian seat of power, whose family had gone from Tsar to Dictator, a knock came at his door. “Þ òýутрø†(Come in - Actually said as 'About inside though) he said, his voice an octave lower as he tried to clear his throat and give entrance to the messenger. His assumption of a messenger was right on. It was a tall and lanky fellow, possibly no older than Ivan, who was 20 at this time. He sits up in his chair and nods to the messenger, urging him on. “Ñуôõт øü?â€Â. ("What is it?)

The Messenger nods and in an enthusiastic voice replies. “ÓþÑÂÿþôøý, ÿþôóþтþòúø ÷ðúþýчõý!†(Sir, the preparations are finished!)

Ivan smiles and nods to the soldier, it was time to encourage his troops. “Ã¥þрþшþ, Ѡñуôу Ѡòðüø úþрþтú úðüрðôþü! ãôðчð!†(Good, I will be with you shortly comrade!)

The soldier smiles widely and stands up straight, giving a crisp salute. “Ã’Ñ‹ ûþрô Petrovic!†(Good luck, Lord Petrovic!)

Ivan smiles and stands up, looking to the panel on the wall, a 3x3 row of numbers, from 1-9, he walks up to it and presses a lengthy set of numbers before it beeps affirmation and opens. He smiles as he sees his suit in all it’s beauty. The outfit itself is a Crimson red all throughout, with a Star in the middle of his Chest, and his pants are a thick material, also dark Red, His mask is a light steel that provides little defense, though is there for show, for those who know him, know of his powers. In the back of the room, past the gadgets, and where his suit had been is his prized possession. His Shield, ‘Katerina’. Katerina was the name of his late mother, a large woman, strong and durable, much like his shield. His Shield shined a perfect Gold color, and the decoration of the shield sported a Hammer and sickle overlapping within the gold, and a Dark Crimson Star in the middle, the sign of Communist Russia. He takes the shield out and weighs it. “áþòõршõýýþ…†(Perfect...)

All suited up, Ivan walked out of his Office and to the plaza of his estate. There stood 2,500 soldiers all suited up for battle. He smiled and without a word, they rushed from their places and out of the complex, as Ivan, or Captain Communist, hopped from the balcony and ran into the ranks of his men, rallying them on. They were moving just as planned.

As they came to the gates of the Tsars estate, two miles away form Ivans’ in the city, his men fired upon the small amount of guards at the gate, immediately demolishing them. An RPG soared over-head, taking out the gate and a portion of the wall, and his men came streaming in. Immediately, the small contingent of 200 guards in the complex took up defensive positions inside and tried to hold off the attackers. RPG’s machine gun and pistol fire peppered the building, tearing the inhabitants inside apart, as his own troops advanced and surrounded the complex. CC rushed the front door, blocking a hail of bullets and bashing one, two, three enemies with is shield, taking them down without mercy. He spun around quickly and kicked another in the face, sending him sprawling over a counter, now in the main lobby. Ivan allowed a small smile, things were going exactly as planned, now to call in the over-kill.

He grabbed his phone and dialed his right hand man, one of Russia’s Five Guardians. “ï ûþüðû øх ûøýøø фрþýтð úðüрðôð, ыù тõÿõрь, üы уñью ÑÂòøýью ÑÂþòüõÑÂтýþ!†(I've broken their lines comrade! Come now and finish the fight!) Ivan listened for a second as his men pooled around him, and started swarming in, and then his heart sunk. The reply over the phone was a dark, unfortunate one. “ï þóþрчõýý Øòðý… þýþ ýõ чтþ ûõóúþ…†(I'm sorry Ivan....It is not that easy...) A loud explosion erupted through the complex, as the ceiling caved in, and his men were sent into full retreat. As the dust cleared, Ivan looked to the broken ceiling. There stood the Five Guardians, and the traitor right-hand man.


His ‘friend’ smiled and in a triumphant voice replied, “Þýþ ýðхþôøтÑÂѠýðô Øòðý…, úþтþр òы øüõõтõ ÿþтõрÑÂýýþõ.†(It's over Ivan...You've lost, give up.) Ivan snarled and yelled back at the group, “ÃÂô, úþтþр Ѡøüõю!†(The hell I am!) He then tossed his shield at them, full of rage and anger, only to have it deflected by the leading Paragon of Russia. Ivan roared again and started screaming curses at them, before he realized. He was the only one left in the building. The Five guardians loomed above him, and it had gone silent outside. He dared take a look over his shoulder, away from the quietly triumphant Five Guardians. His 2,500 soldiers or so all stood with their hands up, in complete surrender to the whole of the Russian homeland force. Ivan looked back to his enemies, the Five Guardians and raised his hands. He had been defeated, no more would be said.


CC was sent to Siberia, far away from civilized civilization, in a one man prison, in the frozen wastelands. He was given a blanket, raggedy, and smelling of urine, he was protected by 100 men, all with some form of genetic enhancements, supposedly able to handle him. He had spent two years here, ever since his failure to take over the government. They had wanted to kill him, but the people loved him too much apparently, he was exiled to Siberia to a life term in a maximum security prison.

He could break out, he knew it, he just needed to find the right guard who would tell him the location of his Shield, ‘Katerina’. It was here, in the prison. A rare metal that they did not want the public or any thieve to steal, in fear it may be used again. A stupid reason, but they were scared of any Agents or possible family Ivan had.

As Ivan’s breakfast came one day, he leisurely ate it, took their insults without a word, and as they all settled into eating their breakfast, lulled into security by two years of non-activity, he made it happen. He broke open the cell, two years of examining it’s weak-points. Two guards, one to his left, and one tow his right reacted. They had under-estimated Ivan. These ‘Genetically Enhanced’ soldiers were nothing more than cannon fodder of Russia’s Supers Special Forces. He dispatched both with ease and made his way towards the underground cavern, taking out straggler soldiers along the way. He was hell –bent on getting his Katerina back.

As he reached the room, he kicked in the door, ignoring the double blaring alarms now. One for the room he had broken into, and one for the room he’d broken out of. He grabbed Katerina, her weight ha d not diminished, he loved her. She was his, and always would be. Taking a moment to be sentimental, he turned and tossed his shield at a rushing soldier with a crude sabre. The shield slammed into him, knocking him out cleanly and clearly. A small laugh escaped from his gut as it hit. Of the feeling of He and Katerina crushing their enemies, going towards a common goal….

What was his goal? Where would he go. He could not stay in Russia…he had to go somewhere with a new hope, somewhere where no-one knew him. He had heard of such a place. While the guards had talked over the years, they talked of daughters, and brothers they had helped send off to a large city called “Freedom Cityâ€Â. Apparently one could make a new name for him/herself there. He would head there. He scrounged a few wallets quickly, taking what he could from them and rushed from the complex, amidst the alarmed yells of surprise. The late-comers had missed him, he had already broken out, and started the cold, harsh trek to the nearest civilization in prison rags. In two months time he would arrive in Freedom City and get a small apartment, ready to survey the city, and see what type of people he could find an In with to rise to power and make money.

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Very cool background. I would ask that you provide after the Cyrillic, so the audience can be in on it ;)

Numbers look good, though I would like to see exactly how many points were spent on each save spells out.

My one real question is in regards to his Shield. Is he able to throw it and batter some foe and have it return to him all in the same round? Or is there a delay? If it all happens in a a flash, then it's statted fine as-is, but if it is supposed to take some time for the thrown shield to come back -- time enough for someone to get in an attack while he waits for it to return -- then the Blast and Strike can both be APs of the Shield effect.

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It is good, but if we gave pp for good posts, we'd be put in the unenviable position of having to decide which posts are just good, and which ones are good enough for bonus pp. I'd suggest that he save a bit of the background for the future and start up a thread in the News forum when he's sanctioned. It won't be bonus pp directly, but those posts count toward your IC total for a given month.

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Alright...I think/Hope it's all set up. Sorry if i'm slow. I had A lot of help from Folkert, he was awesome and stood patient with me. Anyways, Here you go, I'll hopefully try and independently make another character if/when this one gets approved...Ah, sorry, rambling, i'll leave you to do your thing.

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