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Starting up this thread to discuss a thread revolving around a Bakery that Jaden manages as part of his day job and cover. All of his food is produced fresh and guaranteed to delight, or your money back. Chocolate pastries, cinnamon rolls, fruit-filled tarts, the list goes on. However, whom are the mysterious workers in his bakery? Where exactly does all his produce come from? Why is the kind-hearted baker hardly ever seen tasting his own treats? Is there more to this bakery than meets the eye? 


Alright, let's see who's interested and if you guys got any suggestions how to expand on this, the plot, or anything. 

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3 minutes ago, Heritage said:

Well certainly a chance to form potential business partnerships is a good thing, and seeing Jaden react to a fae heroine might be worth the price admission, for me at least.


Heh, sounds good enough for me xD

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