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The Journey back to Freedom City

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Previously on "The Hunt"

Wonder lands next to the unconscious demon, rubbing his sweating brow tiredly. Giving Stygwr a very suspicious look, Wonder reaches down and picks up the big demon by the ankle. "All right, you. We're on our way out of here..." He flies up very high, circling out over the water. He takes it slowly, but still makes a good clip until Freedom City has actually disappeared over the horizon behind them. After that, he begins spinning in the air.

"I recognize you, son of the Deep!" he calls to Stygwr, "and now, I send you back where you belong!" A mile above the ocean, he throws the demon straight down as hard as he can.

Stygwyr hits the water with a splash before sinking slowly to the bottom. As soon as the Captain is gone his eyes flare open and he begins to swim upward towards the surface. In a few minutes he breaks the surface and breathes in deeply.

Exhausted, he floats on the ocean's surface as he gathers his strength. After some time he begins to swim in the direction of what is hopefully Freedom City.

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