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[OOC] La La La Laka


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Moira is shopping for clothes and stuff to decorate her room. If not in a clothing store, she'd be in a music store playing with guitars or keyboards. Or maybe fitness store, she's into working out, playing on the displays that they'll let her do. Anywhere close to this muscal thingI guess for sake of convenience :D 

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Ok! yeah there would definitely be a clothing store by where this is going on. Let's say she is in a store right next to the commotion but a floor up. So she is actually above the whole mess. It's probably a twenty foot drop and thirty feet across the ground to the edge of this crowd. 

Go ahead and post in the IC


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Hyperactive is going to try to throw the thugs near him into the further thugs via air control. so that's going to be a ranged attack

Ranged attack: 1d20+8 13

That hits, and since these are minions it throws them towards the other minions. 

attack minions with minions: 1d20+8 14

Which also hits. So now there's a pile of minions. 

That's as much as hyperactive can do with his powers.


So that brings it to Laka. I need another will save, DC 20 modifier, but add a +1.

Will Save: 1d20+6 9

Police officers: Will Save: 1d20+7 16

so they are still ready to fire on innocents as well. 

So yeah failed will save... that he means he starts to dance. 


The two smoking thugs at this point vanish.

The remaining minions are still pointing guns into the crowd.

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