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[IC] La La La Laka


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February 7, 2017 12:04 am

A half dozen men in suits and ties waited for their contact. The chief had told them not to wait too long, the streets of Freedom City were not a place to be caught loitering with suspicious objects. Just as the crew was about to leave a crack appeared in the air, a few reached for guns as a young lady in a black leather jacket stepped out.

“Is this it?” she asked, pointing at a small case one man was holding. The man in charge nodded, and held out the small instrument case. “You know I don’t like being double crossed.”

“Eh, the boss man no like for double cross neither Sistah, it is what he say it is. You just keep that Punk out the boss man’s hair and we no get problems.”

“Fine then.” The woman said taking the instrument case, she stepped back in the portal and vanished.

February 17, 2017 3:00 pm

Millennium Mall in Freedom City was alive and busy. Hundreds of people shopped and ate as they went about their daily lives. It was a fairly normal Friday. Adults spent their money and kids spent their parents’ money. It was all in all a normal day.

One of the disadvantages of having so many heroes of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors was that it was fairly easy for people to assume someone was a hero. The young girl who had on a grass skirt and a bright floral top could very easily be mistaken for some unknown hero. She walked into the center of the mall and stood on one of the many benches. She quickly examined the koa wood ukulele and strummed a chord. The deep sound turned heads, and she smiled.

“ALOHA!” The girl shouted as she began to play an island tune. The ukulele seemed to shimmer as she effortlessly drew in a crowd. “I’m Laka, goddess of the hula. Goddess of pleasure. The newest goddess of Freedom City, and your goddess commands you to dance.” The crowd immediately complied, waving their arms in a painfully stereotypical "hula" many seemed to be enjoying themselves until men in Tiki masks and floral shirts began to empty their pockets and purses.

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It had been two weeks since Moira had been back. She had made her self quite busy within the past fourteen days. Though she was never really 'off' the hero job, she set a few hours every day to visit somewhere in the city. This time it was Millennium Mall. She needed clothes, true, but gadgets had advanced so much in the past six and a half years. She needed a new smartphone. And a plan that wouldn't cost out of the wazoo. Then again, there were fitness stores and music stores...


Speaking of music, she heard something... strange. Ukulele music? Two people could play ukulele music well and unfortunately they had passed on! "Aloha," she heard. and then a spiel about being the goddess of pleasure. Moira snickered and shook her head. "Everyone thinks they know what it's cracked up to be." Then the demands came. "Well then. That looks like some crime. And this city is in need of less criminals."


The costume in the bracer still wasn't fixed, but heck, she had to wear it. With a swift wave, her eyes turned yellow and she had a golden glow. Her casual clothes - low cut jeans and a black tanktop with the Velocity logo - turned into a white sleeveless ankle length layered dress. As her father taught her (and until she got an actual costume), she readied herself by tying  the long part of it to gird herself. All the while hearing the ukulele music. She grunted as she finished jumping over the balcony and to the floor below.


"So, you take a beautiful art of the dance and mix it with your tiny guitar," she pointed at the thieves. "Run now, or I will show you the true wrath of the gods." She pointed at Laka, "you, however, have offended us. There will be no running for you. Mind Control is against the law, Talula!"

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Tyson had been spending his day reading over the few books of basic magic that Emily let him see. It was mostly dull, especially by the tenth read through. It was hard to fathom that even with super speed, some things would take time to learn. While Tyson Masters may have been patient for a speedster, he certainly wasn't patient. He needed a break. 

He could already feel Emily's building sigh as he began to fidget, magic required focus which was probably why he had never picked any up earlier. he needed a break. the buzz of his phone gave Tyson a reason to break from the dusty, and impractical tome. The goddess Laka was robbing a mall? That doesn't sound right. Well if ever there was a time to prove to the Hawaiian gods I'm on their side, it's probably now. Tyson wasted no time changing into his uniform. The Millenium Mall was only a few blocks away a tenth of a second's travel for the Windy City Warrior: Hyperactive.

Upon entering the mall, he went straight for the music. It was oddly enchanting and Tyson felt his body slow down for it. he shook his head to clear away the mental fog as he came to a stop. The throng of madly dancing people had a few thugs in masks who were emptying out the pockets and purses of the now panicked crowd. The girl, who really couldn't be Laka, strummed an Ukulele and laughed. It wasn't even the fact that the girl didn't look like a polynesian by any stretch of the imagination, what with the blonde hair and blue eyes, that tipped Hyperactive off to the fake. It was the fact that the music itself was actually awful. 

"Alright, I may not be on the greatest terms with the gods of my ancestors, but I really don't think any of them look like you." Hyperactive said as the girl looked at him with disdain. 


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The two heroes both felt the magic of the music fill their heads. Moira was fairly familiar with the effects of a variety of charm magics, and this one was definitely similar. It was however, no match for the divine power that flowed through her. It did feel similar, the magic of a god or goddess was here, though Moira had no reason to believe the little blonde teenager. With hardly a thought, she shrugged off the mental assault. Hyperactive too, just barely pushed the command to dance from his head. 

"Ah IkaIka" Laka said towards Hyperactive, her hands still strumming away. "You are so ungrateful, don't you know that my sister and I gave your ancestors your powers?"

 As Scion stepped forward making her demands, the thugs in the crowd very calmly watched, or at least it looked "calm" with the wooden masks. From Where she was standing, she could see that there were also three cops in the crowd, dancing with the rest. When she kept walking uncontrolled by the mind control the thugs and cops all drew guns. 

And they pointed into the crowd. 

"Now now, you should know better than to interrupt the dance of the gods." Laka said as alarms in other parts of the mall began to go off. Two more thugs in the same get up came out of a jewelry store around the corner and seeing the two heroes, raised their weapons to take a few shots before running.

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Moira saw the two hooligans with the guns just as she heard the sound of two more people running out of a shop with ill gotten goods. Back above, where she had been two men in the same get up backed out of a nearby store. They each had large duffel bags of goods and were aiming pistols back into the store. 

Hyperactive as well, heard the noise and saw the two thugs holding the bags, as well as the glowing person who had apparently menaced Laka. But he could also see further down three thugs who stepped out of a watch shop, with similar grey smoke billowing off their masks. Well, he could very well kill two birds with one stone.

turning and leaping at his top speed, Tyson struck the air with a ten forty jump turn roundhouse kick. The blast of air off his foot caught the two thugs in the gut and threw them down the hall way. The sight and sound of them hitting the other throng of thugs made hyperactive smile.

The smile quickly faded when the other two thugs who had stepped out from above faded to smoke. the smile was further gone when Tyson felt his arms jerk to the music.

"Much Better." Laka Laughed as she turned her focus back to Scion.  


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  • 2 weeks later...

This was not the weirdest thing Moira had seen. Growing up in a city of heroes and villains, this was Tuesday. Or, well, Saturday, now. Living on Olympus, this was an ordinary sight. Dionysus would round up as many of his maenads - and whoever else wanted to join in - and throw the most awesome benders. Some enjoyed themselves, dancing and drinking, among other things. Others, as the raving ones were prone to do, just used it as a reason to throw down. Like a divine frat party.


So the blonde bombshell thinks she's a goddess now that she has some power? Specifically a goddess that wanted to do what she used to do. Moira loved that the bubblehead didn't know who she was dealing with. Before she could act, she saw a blur taking out the mooks on the ground. "Now that they're out of the way," she jumped over to Laka, landing right in front of the pretty little girl. "Goddess, huh," she said with honey-coated vinegar words, "I've known goddesses," she took a step forward, "talked with goddesses," another step forward, "been one myself," meeting Laka face to face, "you need work, babe." Moira swiped at the ukulele, trying to take the instrument for herself.

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As Scion felt her feet leave the ground she felt the melody change. She saw the man in black stumble, then she hit the ground in front of the ukulele touting blonde. 


Something was was definitely different about the music. It had switched to a building crescendo. Almost as though the music was going up stairs. As Scion swiped for the Ukulele she saw Laka's fingers play a rest. But she did not hear the rest note.




The cops and costumed thugs in the crowd around her had all fired. People around Scion dropped in agony. The crowd screamed. 


"Now Edone." Laka said and smiled a cruel smile. "Yes I know who you are, my new friends down below are rather chit chatty. I'm sure you could stop me, I'm hardly as physically powerful as you are. But then who will save these people?" Laka asked. "You and Ikaika could definitely get them to the closest hospital, but do you think you can stop me too?" 

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Moira seethed at the child in front of her. She knew too much. Not that Moira hid that information from anyone, but it wasn't something she went telling everyone. On top of that, her thugs were shooting at innocent. She counted seven that needed to get to the hospital right not. She counted a lot more gunmen that needed to be relived of their guns. And the poor speedster was under the influence of the Ukulele Kid.


She looked to Laka, "The knowledge concerns me less than your conduct." She narrowed her eyes to a squint. "Since you want to play a little edgy, I'll give you an ultimatum. Call off your guns or choose an arm that you don't want to use for a while." She let the threat linger in Laka's mind as she hopped over to the speedster. "Hey you, shuffle guy! Snap out of it!" she snapped her fingers.



It's an empty threat. Not even going to roll Intimidate on it.


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"I'll get the Civilians." Hyperactive had felt the power of that music fade the moment that Laka started taunting Scion. The only reason he was still standing there was so he could shout at her. 


"There's a reckoning coming. If you really think you're a god, you'll think I was a Ku'Mana when I'm done." Hyperactive shouted at Laka before locking his face shield in place and grabbing two bleeding people and running to the nearest hospital. He shot back and grabbed another larger person and ran back and forth. 




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Laka didn't reply. There was a sound like someone unzipping the air. A crackling blue and black portal appeared. She and the four thugs backed through with their ill gotten gains. 


"Bye Edone, Bye Ikaika. I'm sure I'll see you both soon enough." She said as the portal snapped shut. 


Hyperactive was was more focused on getting everyone to safety. He zipped back and forth to get the remaining four to safety before standing above the unconscious thugs. He took one of the masks off and began examining it. 

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