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[IC] One First Shot


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Saturday, February 18th, 2017

Backstage, The Schuster Auditorium, Hanover

9:06 PM



Today was the night of One Last Shot. As UWL’s traditional February PPV, it was the place where two men walked in, and one walked out. It was where the big storylines of the winter season ended, and the first seeds for Spring and Summer were sown. It was full of brutal matches, and it was full of heated confrontations. And, it soon would be the place of the debut that would influence the upcoming seasons.


Backstage, things were rather quiet. The second most important match of the night had just ended, and now most people had gone to grab something from catering. As Glacier, now once more holding UWL’s Freedom Championship, returned to backstage, he immediately went to the group standing next to the technicians. Hedley “The Orangutan” DeShaek. Kwame “Hammer” Harris. Jesse “The Spur” Cassidy. Sharon “Vixen” Nelson. Zayn Lee.


Save DeShaek, they all wore matching outfits. The moment they had been training for ever since joining the UWL was only one match away. Soon, they would be ready. He was just going through the program once more, to make sure everything was right. While the three would sneak in with the technicians setting up the final match and hide in the crowd (they had all gotten extra large hoodies), Kwame would stay backstage. And once the main event was over, it was time. He would stand there, make his entrance, and reveal himself, and his group-members, to the world.


“Okay, that’s all, we’ve trained this. Now, get ready to go out there with the techies. And, guys, good luck. Let’s have a debut for the history books. “


Glacier had stayed in the background, but now walked up to them, smiling. “Let’s show them what you’re made of.”

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  • 2 weeks later...

Kwame nodded slowly as he looked at his new teammates.  Everyone wore a team uniform that was similar to their individual  costume.  Kwame looked down at his own costume, frowning at the base green color.  He preferred the black and red of his normal costume over the green version.  DeShaek said it was to make it clear to everyone that the group was "green" to the world of Ultimate Wrestling.  In some sense, Kwame agreed to the visual cue, but he didn't really care for the shade of green used.  At least it isn't white. That I couldn't live it at all.


He picked up his gray hoodie and quickly zipped it up.  The others in the group did so just as well.  It was almost as if the others had decided to follow Kwame's actions even on this matter.  He was still surprised to find out that the others had decided he would be the leader of their small band.  At first he had refused the position stating that Jesse "The Spur" had more experience than he did.  But it was Jesse who pointed out that, "You're the one that made the headlines in the city, Kwame.  The people are already talking about that diner incident and your winter football game.  Might as well be you to take point."


Kwame looked up at the clock and realized that they only had a few more minutes before they had to take their positions around the arena.  "Okay people.  You're sure you remember how we're going to do this, right?  When I give the signal you act." Three sets of heads bobbed their understanding.  Kwame saw a mixture of emotions flowing through their eyes; a sense of nervousness and the exhilaration of finally performing before the citizens of Freedom city.  He knew the same mixture was mirrored in his own eyes.  I just hope I don't mess this up!  We've got a lot riding on this showcase.  It'll determine our future in the organization.


"Alright people.  I'll you in the ring!"  Kwame said as he joined in on a group hug.  The others filed out of the room towards their positions, leaving Kwame to his own thoughts.

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And with that, it was time for the main-event. Technicians rushed out from backstage, replacing the slightly bloodied canvas (a small accident), and setting up the main event’s gimmick: a large variety of street-fight themed objects, all around the ring.


Next were the entrances. Luke Lu, underdog crowd favourite, had been chasing after the title for the past few months, and this was his chance for payoff. His second match for it, his One Last Shot. And then, The Monarchy. A faction made up of four people, their leader Will Bourbon had been holding the title for the better part of the last year, and they as a faction had been dominating the entire UWL. The crowd reacted to the two appropriately, and then, the match started…


9:41 PM


One, two, three. And with that, Bourbon continued his reign. The match was long, it was gruelling, and it had left wounds on both the combatants. But in the end, Bourbon had managed to counter the underdog’s 450 splash, and follow it up with a vicious assault.


As the monarchy’s music hit, barely audible over the massive booing currently coming the winner’s ways, the rest of his faction rejoined him, microphone in hand.


“See? We told you. Your little champion’s not good enough. His friends weren’t. Face it. Nobody in the UWL can even think about competing with The Monarchy. “


Kwame was standing behind the entrance ramp, the others had confirmed they were ready, and that was the queue. DeShaek held up his thumb and smiled, nodding his head.


“You know your lines, let’s go.”

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Kwame took a deep breath once he saw the match was over. It wouldn't be long before he would enter the ring and announce his joining of the UWL.  


The signal was given and Kwame took a step forward.


"In the past that might have been true," Kwame began as he walked up the entrance ramp, microphone in hand, "but as of this moment, it ain't!"  


Lights quickly turned to focus on Kwame while his image was projected on the large video screen behind him.  The Monarchy's theme music abruptly ended, sending the arena into deathly silence.  The audience, turned to look at the newcomer, their mood balanced as if on the edge of a knife.  Depending on his delivery, they could fall either way.  


"You see, there's a new crop joining the ranks of the UWL.  We're young, hungry, and experienced. Just the right combination

to take on the Monarchy and wrestle control of the UWL back to where it belongs!"


With one hand, Kwame ripped off the hoodie finally exposing the green alternate version of his costume.  The reactions from the crowd were a mixture of surprise and some recognition.  


"Hammer's come to play and I've brought some friends me."  He pointed to his new teammates who stood and removed their own hoodies as Kwame called out their names.  "Jesse 'The Spur' Cassidy!  Sharon 'Vixen' Nelson!  And Zayn Lee!"


Kwame gave a slight nod, the signal to the others for their grand entrance.  The manuever was a very difficult one.  It called for all four leaping into the air and landing as a unit in the center of the ring.  Both Jesse and Zayn were closest to the ring since they didn't have nay abilities to affect their movement.  Sharon was the furthest from the ring; her ability to fly allowed her to cover the most distance quickly.  Kwame leaped into the air just as he saw both Jesse and Zayn make their move.  


A large boom of sound exploded from the ring as all four wrestlers landed in the center of the ring.  The crowd erupted in cheers as the four newcomers possed.  Before the cheers lowered too much, Hammer spoke into the mic once more.  "The Haymakers are here to knock you out!"

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If Kwame had the time to check online, he would’ve immediately seen a huge reaction, even bigger as the one inside the stadium. People were excited, and immediately speculated about what came next, online forums being washed over by a wave of anticipation, clearing out most of the anger people held towards the fact the Monarchy was still in full control.


Inside the stadium, the reaction was one for the ages. The biggest one the UWL had seen in a long time, as four indie darlings, each recognizable and surrounded by rumours, made their sudden debut as a group. If the future went like these first few seconds, the Haymakers already were on their path to glory.


Inside the ring, the Monarchy let the four of them pose for just a bit, as had been agreed upon backstage beforehand. Once the cheers began to slow down, Bourbon clapped slowly, managing a lot of emotion. There was a reason he’d been entrusted with leading the program for the past few months, after all.


“As if.”


And with that, the brawl started. Bourbon’s hands turned into a translucent red. He began to wrestle with Kwame, as the others began to fight too, sometimes unarmed, sometimes grabbing onto the many weapons scattered around the ring. For now, the fight was fairly balanced, the plan was to give the viewers something to enjoy, and also to show off all the Haymaker’s strengths, while still keeping up some anticipation for actual, upcoming, matches.

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  • 1 month later...

Hammer lifted his head slightly so that he could get a better view of the other members of the Haymakers.  Bourbon, feeling the movement, loosed his grip slightly on the headlock to ensure that Hammer didn't suffer any real damage from the awkward position.


Okay, looks like everyone's in position.  The crowd's eating up the show.  Now all I have to do is reverse the hold and launch Bourbon towards the ropes.


Hammer tapped Bourbon's arm, the signal that he was ready to break free.  Again, the experienced wrestler shifted his position  to give Kwame just enough room to break the hold in a spectacular fashion.  The other members of the Haymakers, upon noting Hammer's changed position, shifted in anticipation of the show's closing display.

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