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ManBat -- PL 10 Hero -- Pookaking

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Players Name: Justin S.

Power Level: 10 (155 pp)

PP Unspent: 5

Characters Name: Aaron Langstrom

Alternate Identity: ManBat

Height: 6’0

Weight: 185lbs

Hair: Body covered in gray-brown hair with black mane.

Eyes: Dark Brown


Manbat is a monstrous humanoid bat creature. As he moves through the shadows one might mistake it for a werewolf, until it spreads its giant bat wings. Two long ears atop its head also betray his breed. His size, of about six feet, is deceptive while he is on land because he has a tendency to hunch over quite dramatically. Flying around he looks much larger due to the wing spread. Manbat wears little more than a pair of beat up denim jeans. Large clawed feet remain bare in order to snatch up unwary victims.


Much of Aaron’s history is a bit hazy. He remembers that he was a normal human at one point. He was attending college, when one day a gang of masked men suddenly snatched him up. The next few months were filled with drug induced haze, intense pain, and suffering.

As it turned out, he was one of many randomly snatched guinea pigs. Aaron remembered being constantly drugged in order to keep him from fighting or fleeing. He remembered a long seasick-filled voyage and a strange mysterious island. He remembered painful surgeries and debilitating injections by a crazed doctor. He remembered the horrible pain his body suffered as it was slowly mutated into the Manbat.

Then there was the day of his escape. ManBat rested in his dirty cage like a wild animal after undergoing painful experiments meant to test his senses. In the distance her heard a series of explosions and screaming, then all the electricity to the building went out. Without hesitation he fled. He remembered flying over an island filled with dinosaurs and other strange creatures, then a few days with nothing but ocean. Two weeks later he found himself back in the States. Unable to go back to a normal life due to his appearance, he retreated to Freedom City. There he’s become a hero of the night!


Str: 14 (+2)

Dex: 18 (+4)

Con: 18 (+4)

Int: 12 (+1)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 12 (+1)


Attack: +8

Grapple: +13/+15 (see favored env.)

Defense: 18 (14 flat-footed (uncanny dodge)

+2 attack or dodge bonus when in the air

Knockback: -4 (-1 flat-footed)

Initiative: +4


Toughness: +8 (+2 flat-footed)

Fortitude: +8 (+4 Con, +4)

Reflex: +9 (+13 Defensive Roll) (+4 Dex, +5)

Will: +6 (+2 Wis, +4)


Gather Info 8 (+9)

Intimidate 8 (+9)

Notice 12 (+14)

Stealth 10 (+14)

Search 8 (+9)

Sense Motive 6 (+8)


Defensive Roll x4

Favored Environment: Air x2


Fearsome Presence x6

Hide in Plain Sight

Improved Grab

Improved Overrun (+8 [4 feat + 4 flight] to trip)

Move-by Action

Sneak Attack - +2 to damage when opponent is surprised

Uncanny Dodge: Hearing


Flight 4 (100mph; Drawback: Power Loss when wings are bound)

Regeneration 4 (Bruised 1/1 round, Injured 2/5 min, Staggered 1/20 min)

Sensory Shield 4 (+8 to save vs. Auditory effects)

Sonic Control 6 (PF: 1 Alternate Power)

AP: Blast 6

Strike 4 (claws; Power Feat: Mighty)

Super-Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling 1)

Super-Senses 5 (Accurate and Extended 2 for normal hearing, Ultra-Hearing)

Super-Strength 3 (Effective Str 29)


Power loss drawback on flight (2pp)

DC Block:


Claws --- 21/Toughness** --- Damage (Lethal)

Unarmed --- 17/Toughness** --- Damage (Nonlethal)

Sonic Blast --- 21/Toughness --- Damage (Nonlethal)

Dazzle --- 16/Ref&Fort --- Auditory Dazzle

Fearsome Presence --- 16/Will --- Shaken/Flee

**See sneak attack feat for bonus to damage

Costs: Abilities (28) + Combat (32) + Saves (13) + Skills (13) + Feats (19) + Powers (47) - Drawbacks (02) = 150

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Do be aware that, with an attack bonus of +8 (+10 ion the air), but damage of only +6 (claws or blast), he is offensively only PL 7 on the ground, PL 8 in the air. Sneak attack would increase damage by 2, but that'd make him offensively PL 8 on the ground, PL 9 in the air.

With a +8 Toughness (when not flat-footed) and a Defense of +8 (+10 in the air), he's defensively PL 8 on the ground, PL 9 in the air.

Not that there's anything wrong with being under your caps, but you should be aware of it when combat comes up.

I'd prefer to see the feats and powers listed alphabetically.

And the powers listed in a more easily-viewable way; as they are now, all the lines sorta run together. So have the Sonic Control/Blast as Sonic Control 6 (Power Feat: Alternate Power: Blast 6), and the Strike as Strike 4 (claws; Power Feat: Mighty), and so on.

Also, if he is like the Man-Bat, with flight via actual wings, he should have the Power Loss (Flight, when wings are bound) Drawback.


Super-Senses: Hearing (10pp)

Accurate, Extended x2 (1000ft)


This should be Super-Senses 5 (accurate and extended 2 on hearing, ultra-hearing). And that'd be 5pp, not 10.

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Yeah the format looks better in Word Perfect. Here the format totally aligns the left side, ignoring all my spaces. I'll see if I can tidy things up a little more.

As for Super-senses, I had it at 5 don't know how it jumped up to ten!

At PL10 you can only have attack values at 10 without trade offs correct? Is everyone on this board obsessed with maxing out the combat values? :? Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll manage.

I believe I made all necessary changes. I used the 2 points from the power loss drawback on flight to purchase 1 rank in Wall-Crawling. I figure this way ManBat can dangle from ceilings or cling eerily to walls. More of a dramatic special effect than a useful power, but...

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At PL10 you can only have attack values at 10 without trade offs correct? Is everyone on this board obsessed with maxing out the combat values? :? Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll manage.

Not obsessed, I'd say, but combat levels are one of the main defining aspects of Power Level. Yes, maximum attribute bonus and save bonus and skill ranks factor into it to, but combat levels are typically the biggest factor one looks at. As I said, if that's what you wanna play, all power to ya, you should just be aware that you probably won't do as well in combat as other PL 10 characters.

And you still have another 5pp to spend, after the Super-Senses wonkiness. ;)

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