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Escape From York Hill(OOC)


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OOC thread for this thread.

@Raveled @TheAbsurdist


Blue Jay and Asad fight a chase thing.



Okay RAVELED, here are the rolls:


DC20 Notice to hear the engines of the badfolks before they arrive, if successful +5 to the following Reflex and Initiative rolls.


DC15 Reflex from Blue Jay and Asad to dodge the shower of glass when the F.O.E. potentiate descends. Fail and you get a Bruise.


Two initiative rolls, choose the higher for the encounter at the Enclave Retreat. Second for the chase scene through the Elysian Forest.


Using Dreadnought and the Air Cavalry from the Emerald City Knights campaign for the baddies.


Dreadnought("Air-Martial") first initiative: 25, second: 13


Drones: 22. Second: 17


Regardless, Asad gets a HP for his Misery Girl being flung into the sky, and Blue Jay gets one for being caught in her civilian ID.


Assuming Blue Jay hijacks one of the drones to serve as aerial mount or otherwise gains some fast-moving capacitium, or Stunts a faster Swinging. And for the chase scene, please roll three Reflex saves at DC15, 18, then 20 to try and keep up with each section of the sky-flight, and an Attack roll to destroy the drones and free the captured guests, vs DC19.


After that, Dreadnought slips out of his armor and leaves it to fight the heroes. It takes three hits and then self-destructs convincingly. DC15 to hit and +15 Toughness. 


If any escape with their valuable cargo, they tie into the later group thread.


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For that action Asad gets his HP back and also gets a Bruised and Injured condition that cannot be shaken this scenario. Also another Notice roll, DC10, 


Initiative rolls, please TA. Also in the first round Asad is Dazed(though also avoided by "Air-Martial" and the Raptor drones).

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Alright. If we're going to do this we're going to do it right.


Results 20#1d20: 20 # 10 [1d20=10] 7 [1d20=7] 7 [1d20=7] 12 [1d20=12] 11 [1d20=11] 16 [1d20=16] 18 [1d20=18] 10 [1d20=10] 7 [1d20=7] 15 [1d20=15] 4 [1d20=4] 19 [1d20=19] 19 [1d20=19] 20 [1d20=20] 15 [1d20=15] 5 [1d20=5] 8 [1d20=8] 12 [1d20=12] 15 [1d20=15] 17 [1d20=17]


Okay, so first off we need a roll for Notice and Initiative? She has Skill Mastery on Notice so 25. Initiative takes the first roll, so 10 + 15 = 25.

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Okay so Amir notices that Max is really shocked and confused by the Air-Martial busting in.


No surprise round, straight to action.


Blue Jay: Unharmed, 3HP

Air-Martial: Unharmed-GM

Drones(x30): Unharmed-GM

Asad: Bruise(x1), Injured(x1)


Rav, for this first fight Tona is struggling with flashbacks to her childhood, when people would be kidnapped and flown away by the Steam General and Omegadrones to be made into monsters. The drones descending to snatch people up with EM tethers is similar enough to be harmful. 

-2 to rolls, checks and saves for this fight. You are up first, having the higher Initiative bonus,

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With the -2 that still hits. 23, 15 One is destroyed, the other not. Down to 29 drones.


Air-Martial, not being paid to fight supers, grabs Asad's +1 and launches her into the sky. Surges(HP to Asad and Blue Jay) to then leave.


Drones grab 29 of the ludicrously wealthy patrons d'sophisticated tech and fly off. Asad and then Blue Jay have time for another Attack or other Standard Action on the swarm before it escapes.


Speaking of escapes, TA how do you want to handle Asad dealing with the potential lady plummetee? I would definitely buy something like Asad draining the kinetic energy pushing her skyward so she never actually leaves the building. 

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19  is the result, so a Bruise to Air-Martial. 


He will fire a flurry of rockets at Blue Jay: 20 is the Attack roll. I take it that misses? He keeps flying. 

In either case, the Drones also keep flying, maintaining their Move Object Grapples on the PL0 patrons. 


TA, Asad has time for one Standard Action against the swarm before taking his regular two Actions. 

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I genuinely thought I had posted this. I am so sorry.


As discussed in Chat Asad can and does, first order of business though is a Standard Action against the droneswarm, a Shockwave with an effect rank of 10.

No Reflex/etc for the drones because no just excuse for it.

DC25 Toughness: Result.


Six go down, eight are unaffected, seven are just Bruised, eight are Dazed.


so 15 are still wholly in the game, becoming 3 blocks of 5 each with four people per drone.


Another Dex check (DC25), which Blue Jay passes automatically, she has another shot at the Martial.


TA you mentioned Asad doing a Fastball Special with Blue Jay? Still want that?


Raveled, your thoughts?

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DC35 Toughness save, resulting from Asad's energy field and Blue Jay's blades, Air-Martial's roll is 15. The armor is just obliterated, what survives scattering into the forest below. The drones are still flying, but it is now almost too easy to mop them up, so if you wish narrate doing so.


Out of combat.

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