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[OOC] And now, a Classic


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Okay, so, mechanically, I'm ruling the whirlwind as immobilizing the dragon, she can't move for now.


Now, as for the attack:


It's a Area 10 Attack, meaning it hits automatically. Two saves, namely:

a DC20 Reflex Save (1d20 + your reflex stat),

if you make it it's a DC 20 Toughness save. If you don't, it's DC25 Toughness.


Also, I believe this is where we roll for Initative!

So, 1d20 + your Initiative score.


Bonfire: Initiative: 1d20+9 24

Dragon: Initiative: 1d20+12 20

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Yes, there's a few that are high enough to be equally high, or higher up than the altitude of the two.


Okay, Bonfire's turn!

He'll actually keep his distance and back away from the whirlwind slightly, before using his Standard Action to Distract the Dragon, making her Dazed it it works.


Distract: 1d20+21 24


Sense Motive: 1d20+10 19


Okay, that hits, meaning she's dazed. Thus, it's Hyperactive's turn again.



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Okay, so that's a DC 20 Fortitude save:


Fort Save: 1d20+6 14


So, she's Paralyzed for this round, which means:

She's unable to do anything, and has a Defense Value of 5. Which also means she'll fall to the ground, thus adding in ... let's see...  she falls 30 ft, so that's a DC13.

Toughness Save: 1d20+12 15

Which she, unsurprisingly makes. Okay, Bonfire's turn again.


He'll attack with his basic attack, and seeing how the Dragon's paralyzed I'll just rule it as she can't dodge.

So, DC 24

Toughness Save: 1d20+12 32

And she makes it without any issue.

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Fort Save: 1d20+6 20


This time, she makes it!

Which means it's Bonfire's turn again.


He'll use his Suffocate:

Attack: 1d20+9 19

Hits, thus:

Fort Save: 1d20+6 16

She fails it, so that's a -1 to attack, defense and reflex. Plus a DC10 which she has to make!

Fort Save: 1d20+6 26


And makes without problem.


Then, she'll attack, by simply trying to smack Hyperactive.

Attack: 1d20+9 26

That hits, so that's a DC25 Toughness Save!



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