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Silberman's Books, at the corner of Frederick and Pratt. Saturday, February 4th, 2017. 12:05 pm.


It was a rather cold and gray afternoon in February, the kind of day when really all you wanted to do was stay in bed, read a book, maybe watch something on Netflix; Gretchen in particular had argued in favor of this last point earlier that morning. But her girlfriend Lynn made the point that if they wanted a long and happy life, they wouldn't be working in retail; this led to a narrowing of the eyes and an icy telepathic rebuke.


-Curse your alien faerie logic.-


But now it was far too late; they'd been open for two hours, and it would be far too difficult to kill all the customers and hide the bodies. The surly barista was well and truly screwed, so she would just have to glare balefully at the Happy Morning People as they drank their coffee and ate their baked treats.


You will all pay for this.


For her part, Lynn was in the office, cheerfully going over her emails, seemingly oblivious to her love's virulent misanthropy this fine morning.

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A few hours ago, Edone was on Mount Olympus. She forgo her godhood to live among mortals. The people she grew up with. Her friends and family. After she left, she was deposited in from of Morley's pub. Her mortal father's business. She and Sean talked for a long time. Reminiscing about the past, talking about the future. She told him that she would be here forever. He jokingly said that he would try too. He also gave her some leads on where to find some of her old contacts.


Moira's first visit was to Angel's grave site. The love of her life was gone. Mortal life was all too short and fleeting. Heroics made it much shorter. But Moira hoped that Angel was resting peacefully, wherever she was.


Second visit? Probably would have been a shorter walk, but she wanted to lift her spirits after this. A trip to someone she saw very little of but still loved being around. Silberman's Books was a hop skip and a jump away from Morley's pub. Both were in the West End. Though Moira could have literally jumped there with her speed.


Walking in the door, there was a few people there. There were a few turned heads as she looked around, poking at a few of the comics. Stories of what happened when she was gone? Maybe embellished, but still.She poked her head around other areas. Games - she wasn't the strategist that others were, but she could hold her own and card nights.


Going for coffee was next. The barista looked kind of disgruntled. Cute, but disgruntled. "I'll have a mocha latte. DO you know if the owner is here?"

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The girl behind the bar was indeed cute; she wore a red flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped off over a vintage olive drab GI Joe T-shirt, tattered blue jeans and a well-worn pair of Doc Martin's. Behind her black plastic framed glasses, her eyes where heavily made-up, and a lot of silver was stuck in her ears. After what seemed like an eternity (such service!), Gretchen finally turned to face the newcomer.




The words never made it to her lips; she was too busy staring at the inhumanly attractive female who was standing before her. Her brain kept telling her it was rude to stare, which was funny because she normally didn't give a damn about being rude to customers, but it was like the little girl that lived inside of her head felt ashamed. And inadequate and invisible and very, very small. There were times when her own girlfriend's perfect looks, smell and hair made her jealous, but then Lynn shared freely of herself, so it was all okay.


This woman (enchantress? deity?) was operating on a whole 'nother level of yowza.


"I...Lynn's...in back. Doing stuff. All kinds of stuff." She gestured vaguely towards the back of the store. "I can actually...I can just call her, if you'd like..."

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Cute and flustered? This was a sight. Though it seems Lynn was here. She didn't want to make the barista uncomfortable. Though she did want that mocha latte.  She leaned on the counter, "sure call her," she looked at the barista's name tag, "Gretchen, but first can I get my drink?" Her tone was asking, not too dominant, but something that would hopefully put the pep in the girl's step.


Reaching into her pocket, she realized that she didn't have a wallet. She was wearing some form fitting hip jeans there was no way anyone took anything from it. Oh no. Now she was kind of stuck. Chat up the cute barista until she could call Lynn? That seemed like a plan. "So, how long have you worked here? I haven't been here in ages," she smiled as Gretchen took to the coffee making. Leaning on the counter, she picked up a biscotti out of a container, trying to play it cool.

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The swirl of emotions and feelings that were currently floating through the poor girl's head were sadly not very conducive to beverage preparation; however, she could still manage to fire off a mental distress signal before her boat capsized.




-Yo! Hey Gretch, what's up?-


-There is a...girl-shaped being of enchantment out here.-


-A...what now?-


-It is built like unto a girl, but far more powerful. I am having trouble talking to it.-


-Oh God. Does she have dark red hair, amazing skin and sort of glow with love and tenderness?-




-Be right there. Just smile, hold your ground, and try to remain fully clothed, okay?-


-Please hurry.-


This whole time, Gretchen pretty much stood there, eyes unfocused and a faint smile on her lips as she mutely made the mocha; luckily there wasn't a line, because she really was kind of useless right now.


Just then, a very beautiful woman came out of the back office, a huge grin on her face. She looked a bit more mature and rounded than the last time Moira had seen her; no longer an elfin toothpick girl, Lynn Epstein had become a lovely elfin woman, with shoulder length curly brown hair. And that woman, wearing an Irish fisherman's sweater, boot-length jeans and light hiking boots, came charging out of her office, grinning like a maniac, and leaped a good fifteen feet through the air to wrap her arms around her old friend.


"Deeeeeeeee! How are ya, hot stuff?"


Yep, she was still Lynn, alright.

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Moira watched the absent minded barista stare. She was used to it. Smirking, Moira leaned on her hip, "I think it's been stirred enough, Gretchen."


"Oof," she said as Lynn wrapped around her, not unlike a snake. A happy snake. A full grown woman happy snake. The two embraced and Moira kissed Lynn on the cheek. "I'm doing fine. A little bit knocked out of air." She laughed."You're still as vibrant as I remember."


Two things ran through Moira's mind. One, the kid she saw back years ago, trying to sneak in to a bar. Indeed the little girl had grown. The other was the emphasis on the  name. Was she known as Divine? That wasn't her anymore. But she would let this one pass.

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Gretchen stood there and watched the two visions of loveliness intertwine, and it was almost more than she could handle. Luckily, her girlfriend was there to bring her back out of it. Dropping to the ground, the changeling put her arm around the redhead's shoulders and gestured towards her perfect face.


"Gretch, I want you to meet an old and very dear friend of mine, Moira Morely. Moira, this is Gretchen McDaniels."


-You're doing great, kid! It helps if you just look at one part of her, y'know? Otherwise your eyes kinda wander and you get all confused. Stick with eye contact, take deep breaths, and remember that this super-hot pixie chick loves you to death, okay?-


-I...thanks. Got it.-


The young barista closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then managed a little nod and that disaffected half smile that Lynn loved so much.




-Oh, you've got this, hon!-

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Lynn wasn't that heavy. Very light, actually. It was just the high speed force that knocked Moira back. "Me and Gretchen have been talking," she said reaching out a hand to the barista in greeting. "She's very helpful," Moira looked  Gretchen in the eyes and smiled with a promising tone, "maybe we'll get some coffee. Later."


She looked to Lynn, "I actually came to shake some information from you, doll." Walking over to a table, she sat down, beckoning Lynn to sit. "As you might have noticed, I've been gone for a the better part of a decade. I'm looking for contacts. You were one of the first people I thought of. Since you were a hand full of good grace." She let that one sink in. "I thought we could do some list checking." She leaned over and whispered, "also, I kind of need a place to stay for a bit."

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-Oh my God, she's into me.-


-Of course she is! You're gorgeous and she's Jack Harkness; bask in the wonder of her gaze!-


Lynn's grin got even wider as she joined Moira at the table; perhaps smiling at some private joke?


"I did wonder about what happened to you; you missed my wedding!"


She regretted it as soon as she said it, her eyes going wide and apologetic as she reached out a hand to rest on her friend's arm.


"Which is totally fine!" She held up her left hand to show her lack of ring. "See, ancient history! Totally of the past!"


-Hon, I'm digging myself in deep here; I need a peppermint mocha, stat!-


-On it!-

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"Well, that's a long story," Moira sighed, "one I wish had a better ending, but you can't have your cake and eat it too." She perked up, "I'm back because of friends and family." She knew Lynn didn't know she was sucked up to Mount Olympus to live her days out as a hedonistic goddess. But hey, that's not something you blurt out in public. A few of the customers were already gawking. "Maybe I'll give you the scoop when we're alone."


She nodded at the wedding comment, "sorry-slash-glad to hear that?"

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 "Here, y'know what, let's go back into my office," said the changeling as she got up and gestured for Moira to follow her. "Bring your drink along."


She led the goddess into the manager's office, which was small but cozy. All four walls were lined with bookshelves, and an old massive wooden desk squated in the middle of the floor. There was a high-backed swivel leather chair behind it, with two matching low-backed ones for guests. On top of the desk was desktop computer, scanner and a green banker's lamp, as well as a well-stocked candy dish. Lastly on the wall above and behind the desk was a pair of ornate looking firearms, a lever-action rifle and a revolver, mounted in a frame.


Lynn slid easily behind the desk and plopped in the big chair, which made her look downright tiny. "Have a seat, help yourself to some candy." A few seconds later, there was a gentle tapping at the door, followed by Gretchen arriving with a giant peppermint mocha for her boss. "Oh, awesome, thanks; bring that bad boy over to Mama!" They exchanged a quick kiss (?), and then the young barista scooted out, giving Moira a giddy little wave as she passed.


 "So, time and absences; I know a little bit about that. I was offworld for three years myself, until 2014; my, how the time flies!"


Noticing her old friend's inquisitive look regarding the kiss, Lynn gestured back towards the door. "Oh, ah, it'll be a year later this month; my first, uh, y'know, with a girl." She crossed her fingers and grimaced goofily. "So far so good! So," she said as she drummed on the desk. "Let's hear your long story, then I'll tell you mine."

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Moira nodded when asked to follow. Free drink? Either way, Moira took the biscotti and the mocha latte and followed Lynn. This place was nice, even the hallways were pleasantly decorated. Not that Morley's didn't have their place in order. She would have to get Lynn to meet with Sean about some organizing.


Looking at all the bookshelves, she guarded her drink. She was wary about spilling it on anything. "Should have gotten a lid," she mumbled to herself. Putting the biscotti in the drink and the drink on Lynn's desk she poked around while Lynn situated in her chair. "This many books," she smiled, "you've read them all?" Poking around - she didn't actually touch anything - she was awed by things other than books. The guns really didn't seem Lynn's style. But they were a sight.


Moira shook her head when Lynn offered candy, "nah, I'm good, your barista set me up with a much stirred drink." Speak of the devil, there she was. Moira smiled when the two kissed. It was a sweet and silly showing of the two, showing they were comfortable. After Gretchen scooted out, Moira quirked an eyebrow as Lynn tried to explain the situation. "So that's your girlfriend, fiance or wife? Either way, I apologize for that little show back there. She's very cute."


Taking a seat she crossed one leg over her other thigh and leaned back, making herself comfortable, The jeans were six years out of style, but she made them work, the shirt too. A small tshirt with a logo sporting 'The Vigilantes', a local rock group that unfortunately broke up while she was gone.


She sighed, "as for my story? Well, there's a lot of ways I could cover this." She twiddled her thumbs on her knee, "back in the day, I had a time limit, regaining my godhood took less time than I thought it would. And, as you may or may not know, real gods aren't allowed on Earth." She pressed her middle and pointer fingers against the other two, trying to visualize what she was saying abstractly, "The Pact makes sure we stay off. I don't know the specifics, but no gods." Putting her hands behind her head she looked at Lynn again. "You know that divine liquid I was always drinking? It worked differently for me. Sure it would give mortals immortality, but that was essence of godhood. Basically my ticket back to Olympian realms. When I was full. Poof, no more Moira."


She looked at her coffee, sitting there, the piece of hard sweet bread floating in it. Sitting up, she took a swallow of the concoction. "Now the next six and a half years," she smiled remembering the experience, "it had it's ups and downs. Dealing with daily life as the 'goddess of hedonistic pursuits'. wasn't all fun and games." She smirked, "mostly fun and games. I made friends, rivals, enemies, lovers and haters." Taking another swallow of the mocha latte she set it down. "But I was human raised, all the 'fun and games' wore on after a while. That and I missed my people. My mortal father, Sean. Stesha. Angel. Jack. Ace. Doc. Wesley. You!" Standing up, she put her hands on the desk and leaned over, "so I asked for my godhood removed and came back."

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Noting her friend's concern about spillage, Lynn made a little helicopter gesture with a finger, and snug lid with a sipping flap magically appeared on top of her drink.  "Uh, hardly," she said in reponse to Moira's question as she peered at the shelves around her. "Maybe a third? Most of these belonged to my Grampa Lou." 


 "Girlfriend," she said with a smile. "And don't worry about it; frankly, she can use the ego boost now and then." 


It had been a long, long time since the changeling had last seen the goddess made flesh, and that was before she'd come to accept her own, rather complicated sexuality; there were always tingles when she was around her before, but she just assumed everyone felt that way around the child of Aphrodite. But now, seeing her after all these years, leaning back in a chair in her office wearing a pair of jeans that seemed specifically designed to wrap around those improbable curves, it kind of took your breath away.


Holy s###, how the hell did I not realize I was bi before?


Following her own advice, she focused instead on Moira's lovely face as she told her story.


"Yeah, I've had to deal with the Pact myself a few times over the years," she said with a sigh when the lovely redhead finished. "I sort of stand with my feet in two worlds, too; Avalon and the Mortal World. In fact, the first time I met our dear sweet Phantom, she went all border cop on my ass." 


Lynn leaned over to rest a friendly hand Moira's arm. "Look, you're welcome to stay as long as you need; my guest room is yours. Actually, let me double check and run that past Gretch; don't want to surprise her with something like this." 


There was a short pause as the store owner's eyes went unfocused, which the former Olympian immediately recognized as a sign of mental communication; she also occasionally mouthed words, shook or nodded her head or shrugged. At last, she took a deep breath, pursued her lips and turned once again to Moira.


"So I might have...broken my girlfriend's brain a bit; on the one hand, she's clearly thrilled to pieces, but on the other, she's threatened, which I think is understandable." Lynn reached over and grasped both her friend's hands. "She wants our assurances that there will be absolutely no hanky-panky between any immortals in our apartment...without consulting her first." She shrugged, and looked a little pink in the cheeks.

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Moira grinned, she hadn't heard that name in a long time. She would have to find out what Taylor was up to. If she was even on Earth anymore! "That sounds like Phantom," she commented, "she's very, ahem, adamant about her job." Moira remembered the good time, but her first go around as a hero wasn't a bed of roses. Taylor was one that tried to keep her in check. Stesha too. So many people she had to check on and find.


Her eyes brightened when Lynn mentioned that she could stay in her guest room. The happiness soon turned into a smirk when she mentioned Gretchen's request. "Lynn, I promise to be on my best behavior," she marked an X over her chest. "I swear to be courteous to my new roommates and respect their wishes. They can ask of me anything within my limits and I will do the best to comply.." She leaned in closer, trying not to invade Lynn's personal space, but closeness is how she showed happiness, "I have a job. So I can pay you. I'm a pretty good cook and I can mix and make drinks too. But I'm sure the rent isn't paid with meals and drinks."

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At the mention of rent, Lynn waved her hands and vigorously shook her head. 


"Nuh-uh, no way; you won't owe me anything. You're just getting back on your feet after six years offworld, so you need to save every penny you have." Then she spread her hands. "Now, if you want to help cook or clean up, that's fine, but I do not charge my guests rent."


-Does she do backrubs? I bet she gives amazing backrubs.-


-Quiet, you! Although you probably are right...damn!-


"Do you have any stuff to bring over? We've got some storage space in the basement if you need it, as well as a washer and dryer, so you can save a ton of money on laundry..."


This was all very sweet, but Moira got the sense that maybe Lynn was focusing so much on her problems as a way to avoid talking about her own.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Moira nodded a grin, "I was raised in a pub. You'll have some good food." She coughed, "cleaning, however. Uh, let's just says I'm not the most organized." She laughed, "I'll promise to keep the chaos contained to my area." She tapped her chin at the mention of extra stuff, "there's probably not much left. Most of my stuff that's still around is just clothes." She adjusted her shirt. While it was flattering to her form, it did look a bit vintage. But hey, it was clean. And on.


Walking around the desk, she sat down - not in a chair, but on the floor! - in front of Lynn. She wordlessly asked for a foot. Pulling off her shoes, she began to massage the fey lady's feet. "So, what about you, babe," she asked, feeling around for stress spots, "you need any help? Got anything you wanna get off your chest? You look like you're about to burst."

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At first, Lynn was a bit alarmed by Moira's moving to the floor, but once she realized what she was volunteering to do, she mutely accepted, although with a hint of hesitation; couldn't this be like a 'gateway drug'? However, once the foot rub began, all regrets flew out the window, and didn't stop until they reached the sun. 


-Foot rub!-


-Foot rub?-


-Spontaneous foot rub! Did not ask for one, but I'll be damned if I'm telling her to stop!-


-I'd call you crazy if you did. Just make the goddess aware that in the name of non-matrimonial bliss, I am now owed one.-


-Yep! Sure! I'll draw up the papers!-


-It helps if you only look at one part of her.-


-Why, I oughta...!-


It was several seconds before the changeling could speak; as much as she liked to think of herself as a laid-back person, she was still her mother's daughter, which meant she carried a lot of stress and anxiety in her body that she wasn't always aware was there. But Moira's gentle but firm touch and impossibly smooth hands hit that tension like that one thousand degree knife melted s### in those YouTube videos, and Lynn's back actually arched with pleasure.


"I, uh...dear God, that feels good! If you ever became a licenced massage therapist, you'd make a killing! Or, like, an interrogator at Gitmo..."


After soaking in the warm, loving vibes for a few minutes, Lynn finally cracked; she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "It's hardseeing you again, actually." She quickly raised her hand in a calming gesture. "Not that I'm unhappy to see you, mind, it's just-" She turned to give her friend a sorrowful gaze, one that spoke of years of pain, far longer than the six lost years that passed between them. "You remind me of the girl I haven't been in a very long time..."

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Moira smiled and started on Lynn's second foot after she gave her commendation. "Tsk, is that still a thing," she said half-jokingly. The whole disconnect of popular culture and world events was something she would have to put some time and work in. Luckily her friends here were pop culture connoisseurs. That'd be nice. Not that it was any skin off of Moira's nose.


Oh, now it was getting serious. "Is that a bad thing," Moira asked honestly, looking up at Lynn. "I mean, if not we can have some fun." She smirked, "remember that time we punched Hades' dog?" She looked down at Lynn's feet, "I do understand if you want to put your old self away." She looked up and smiled, "I can be good." Her aura glowed yellow as she drew an illusion of a halo and wings on herself, "promise." Standing up on her knees she looked into Lynn's eyes again, "if there's anything you want to talk to me about. I'm all ears."

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"No, no, nothing like that," she said, shaking her head. "Im proud of the work I did back then. It's just-" She paused, and took a deep breath. "Y'know the whole 'immortality' thing? Not always the sweetest deal."


For quite some time, Lynn said nothing, her eyes closed as she breathed levely. She reached out to her lover with her mind for some strength.


-I'm about to tell her.-


-About the thing?-


-Yeah, about the thing.-


-You know I love you. More than anyone else in the world. You are my star.-


-I love you, too.-


When she opened her eyes, they were wet with tears, though she laughed self-consciously. "God, I hate this part; so much drama!" Then she nodded to herself and soldiered on."I was offworld, for three years. In an alternate dimension, where time moved much faster relative to ours. I had a husband, three kids, several grandkids and even a few great-grandkids, and I had to leave it all behind." She shrugged. "Because my kids asked me to; they said they had to live their own lives and make their own mistakes, and they couldn't do that with me hovering around, fixing things in secret, making the path easier for them. Because that's what a mom does..."


At this point, Lynn lost it completely, and collapsed into Moira's arms a weeping mess; seconds later, Gretchen came rushing in, and wrapped her arms around both of them in fierce hug, unconsciously adding a little squeeze from her Ring of Power that held them all in a strong grasp as she murmured to her love.


"I've got you...I've got you..."

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Moira could see the distress about to pour from Lynn. She would be there for her whatever she needed or wanted. Being there for her friends one of the major reason she came back! The small laugh made her smile, but she didn't expect the overflow of emotion. Were she Edone she would have reveled in seeing such an ecstatic display. But she wasn't, she was Moira. And her friend was having a moment of weakness. She was there to console her.


Moira could not say she knew what Lynn was going through. What she did for the last six and a half years was a cake walk compared to what the fey woman described. Either that or Edone/Moira was just used to every daily godly life - the slings and spears came with the fun times. "Don't worry, babe," she said softly, holding on to Lynn, "I'll be here for you. What ever you need-"


Gretchen made her entrance mid-sentence, turning this into a group hug. She saw the love between the two women, even before it was spoken. Gretchen was stronger than she looked. There was a moment of mournful silence.


-That was beautiful- Moira heard her mother, Aphrodite, in her mind -maybe this visit was a blessing in disguise. Figuratively. I had nothing to do with this.-


-Aphrodite, might I ask your touch?- Moira formally addressed her mother.


-Of course, child. Do note that these gifts, while freely given, are to help further our causes. Seeing as the love of these two mortals is something you should strive for, I'll allow it- Aphrodite seemed pleased.


Moira was filled with Aphrodite's essence, taking on a golden glow again. "I only wish to make you two happy," she spoke to Lynn and Gretchen in an inhumanly soothing voice, "if there be anything that you want, do not hesitate to ask." She spoke in Greek, and then in English, "blessed be this union."



That was Divine Channeling, but it was for effect. Nothing mechanical.

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Suddenly Gretchen stiffened, then lifted up her head as her telekinetic 'hug' loosened. "Wait. Did you just marry us? Because I did not ask to be married."


Lynn slid out of the group hug, wiping the tears out of her eyes. "I think it was a more, uh, general blessing, y'know? Like when a politician says, 'And I approve of this message'."


The young barista frowned. "If anything, that makes it sound worse."


Lynn sighed and shook her head. "Y'know what? Let's just walk this off, okay? And you probably...you should probably get back on the floor, right hon?"


"Yes..."  Gretch narrowed her eyes and started slowly moving towards the door, as though afraid a wedding might take place if she left the room.


"We're all good here. No matrimony, no sexy times, just...good old-fashioned girl bonding, I swear."


"Fine." Then she stopped in the doorway and leveled her gaze directly at the former goddess. "You owe me a foot massage. It will be both stimulating and stress reducing." And then she was gone.

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  • 2 months later...

Moira looked confused for a moment as the two talked back and forth. She didn't want to interrupt the two lovers. She nodded about the foot massage, "of course, Gretchen." Moira lightly laughed as the future roommate left in a huff.  "Hm, you think I over did it," she nudged Lynn playfully, "hopefully not a bad first impression. The kind we'll look back on in four months and laugh about."


Walking over to the chair she sat back down. "So, I guess I have both of your approvals then? Any ground rules?"

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Lynn chuckled, but then her expression and tone grew more serious as she thought more deeply about the potential pitfalls of the arrangement. "Well first and foremost, respect what Gretch and I have together; the girl has some serious trust issues, because life took a major dump on her when she was young. If you are open and straight with her, she can be amazingly open-minded about stuff, and very forgiving and lovable. But lie to her, treat her with disrespect or take her for granted, and she will freeze you out like an arctic blast so fast that your head will spin. And then you have to start rebuilding that trust from scratch, using nothing but sticks and string while standing in a forty foot pit."


She sighed as she thought back over her relationship with the intense young barista. "We've had our disagreements, but so far, we've always managed to work it out." And then she grinned like a little imp. "And the makeup sex has been, well..."

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Moira nodded along as Lynn spoke. She would never intentionally try to sabotage anybody's happiness. Especially her friend who could fairy magic her into oblivion. Gretchen sounded like a piece of work, but if Lynn vouched for her, she couldn't be all that bad. Ice queen powers aside. "The last thing I want to do is ruin anything you and your love have. I'll keep my distance if you wish. Purely platonic fun times. Being one of those old time gods teaches you where your limits are," she smirked, "mostly to break them, but that's not me anymore."


She looked around, turned that golden color again, and floated her drink back to her. "Besides, you and your love seem like a perfect couple. And if I can make a good friend out of it all the better." A thought popped into her head and she widened her eyes. "I could even help around here when I'm not at Morley's or doing my hero thing. Do that dress up thing. Sell a few more comics and games." She smiled, "though i think it'd be a distraction from your merchandise."

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  • 2 weeks later...

Lynn smirked and shook her head as she took a seat on the edge of her desk. "Yeah, well, the cosplay thing? That can get a little scary. Maybe just stick to enjoying the coffee." Suddenly she stiffened as her eyes went unfocused. "Uh, it seems...my girlfriend would like to talk to you. In private." She got up and looked around nervously as she dusted off her jeans."You, you guys can...uh, talk back here. Yeah."


Just then, there was a gentle knock on the door, and Gretchen poked her head in. "Hey." Noticing the changeling's extreme agitation, she merely shook her head. "Do not freak out over this. This is merely a discussion between two adults. Should take five minutes, tops."


"Okay...okay." Lynn gave her girlfriend a quick kiss before nervously waving at Moira and heading out the door. Once she was gone, Gretchen took a seat behind the desk.


"Well, then," she said as she cocked her head to one side; she then steadily gazed at the goddess with her dark blue eyes for several uncomfortable seconds. There was no real malice in her eyes, merely curiosity. At length, she finally spoke, and there was almost no emotion in her voice, though there was a hint of concern. "You're going to sleep with her. You know it, I know it and she knows it. The real question is, can we all be mature about it?"

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