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Zamaranun PL10/12 Exaccus (bronze)


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Power Level: PL10 (180/180pp)
Unspent Power Points: 0 
Trade-Offs: Varies


In Brief: Ancient shape-shifter reliving the times of legend in the modern world..


Theme: Zamaranun Playlist


Alternate Identity::Samson Aaron (Secret)

Birthplace: Mesopotamia:

Residence: Southern freedom city
Base of Operations: The Earth
Affiliations: None at the moment
Family:Long Since Dead..


Age: 5018 (DoB: Year:  3000 BCE)
Apparent Age: varies 
Gender: Agender 
Ethnicity: Babylonian
Height: Varies (tends to favor 5'8 - 6'3, originally 5'11)
Weight: Varies (No particular preferance originally lean but muscular build)
Eyes: Varies (Blue, Green and Grey are the most common, but originally brown)
Hair: Varies (fond of darker shades, Originally black, shoulder length)


Born Over 5000 years ago, the young person who would come to call himself Zamaranum was born into the tribe of people whom would slowly but surely form into what would become the babylonian empire, though he lead a fairly unexceptional early life, serving as a hunter-gatherer  however it quickly became apparent that despite having a fairly normal appearance, zamaran was far stronger than his fellows and seemed to stop ageing upon reaching his prime.


Knowing full well that the the arrogant and Envious nature of the the kings would lead to their retribution against any threat to their divine right to rule Zamaranum wisely opted to disappear from there sight before he could invite the displeasure of all to wrathful demigods and with little more than the clothes on his back fled from babylonian civilization and the small stone house he had called home into the untamed wilderness of the ancient world.


As the centuries passed and turned into millenia he kept himself ever on the move, no longer driven by fear but wonderlust he crossed the earth, growing ever wiser and more knowledgeable in the ways of the world and the laws of the earth and heavens.battling the monsters and wpuld be gods that threatend the ancient world even going so far as to be an active participant in the first recorded instance of an organization very similar to the modern day aegis to battle the incursion of "Star-men"


so to did his power and control of his gift grow with each decade of use, at first discovering he could change his appearance cosmetically and eventually, truely alter the very nature of his being, able to take on the best traits of the mightiest animals, Insects and even materials as well as machines in later millenia, though up untill now he has rarely used his gift for more than seemingly random acts of kindness and convinience rather than outright heroism he finds himself drawn towards the life of a caped crusader, perhaps seeing a little of the ancient heroes and demigods he once walked with and called friends and feeling keenly the ache for companionship


Personality & Motivation:
All in all Zamaranum (now going by the Romanized name of Samson Arin) Is a polite and patient individual, slow to anger and quick to forgive, having lived through centuries of violence and warfare he has little of the taste for glory that drove his much younger self to participate in the great battles of history, though he is relatively tired of the world from his incredibly long lifespan he remains a passionate devotee of the arts and history (in which they do their best to keep the record straight, at least according to them/)


Though he is rather new to the hero scene he has lived to witness some of the greatest names iamongst them, heroes and villains both, rise and fall and draws heavily upon past experience when it comes to various organizations and people both rather than assumptive reasoning. he greatly enjoys his life as a superhero and sincerely wants to help make the world a better if not more intresting place


Powers & Tactics:

Zamaranun has complete control of the molecules that constitute his body, this grants him formidable shapeshifting powers, a retarded aging process and a slow but powerful regenerative healing factor. though he can shapeshift to take on the form and properties of animal and plant life, substances and technological devices he has at least a rudimentary grasp of, he is more prone to using it to simply enhance his existing form.


Though he is a capable hand to hand fighter Zamaranun has grown hightly accustomed to utilizing their powers and is far more effective with them than without, much of their skill with the ancient weapons of his people remains and whilst he may use improvised versons out of nostalgia he accepts that turning his arm into a blaster cannon is a far more effective means of dealing with superhumans than a simple wooden javelin.


that said, Zamaranum is very fond of focusing down on their opponents and attempting to overpower them, leading him to single out the foe he considers most dangerous and focus his attentions on them until he defeats them or is defeated in turn, his judgement is particularly biased to villains he has personally faced in the past and has been troubled by either due to their cunning or sheer strength.


Cults of personality: Due to his nature as an ancient shapeshifter and his limited documented appearances around the globe, Zamaranun has gathered a number of both conspiracy theories and cults around himself, though this is usually harmless gatherings of true believers or small groups of people who associate him with various gods from yore there have been a few run ins with rather more dangerous groups whom consider him a dangerous threat to mankind or due to his great age and participation in mystic and historical events attempt to utilize him as a sacrifice or unwitting/unwilling participant in dark and terrible rites that would see the world of men toppled, both can and have caused him problems in the past either as targets for foes and foes in and of their own rights. not to mention having battled along side and against numerous figures of mythology Zamaranun has made numerous enemies from across the mystic landscape and dimensions around earth directly, by association and indirectly by thwarting the minions of greater powers, most famously the hell fire club of Victorian London and the thule society of Nazi germany .


Ancient Warror: Zamaranun has been fighting the forces of evil for over 4000 years and has learned something of a particularly brutal approach for dealing with the monsters of the ancient world that they have more or less carried with them into the modern age, leaving him with something of a bad reputation for roughing up criminals perhaps a bit more than is strictly necessary, giving him a bad reputation with law enforcement agencies and heroes whom disapprove of such heavy handed approaches..


Unsafe Sects: Due to his great age and numerous lives over the years Zamaranun has had quite a number of families with people from different places and different eras of time, as often a mother as a father in the later centuries, whilst many of his descendants grew up to be relatively normal, save perhaps for a sturdier phisiology it is highly likely that there were a few whom inhereted much more potent gifts from zamaranun's mutant nature and quite possibly have had descendents of their own or even survived into the modern day. these would be particularly potent mutants whom have grown up in the shadows of normal human society; how they feel about there living ancestor may vary from group to group, from mutant supremecists looking to further understand and enhance what makes them special by capturing and experimenting on zamaranun to other but equally nefarious means, it is also quite possible that a more peaceful and benign groups to come under fire from their numerous enemies, others still may not know or much care until they are made to by circumstance.



Abilities: 8 + 0 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 0 = 24pp

Strength: 18 (+4)

Dexterity: 10 (+0)

Constitution: 18 (+4)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 14(+2)

Charisma: 10 (+0)


Combat: 12 + 12 = 24pp

Attack: +6 Ranged: +6 Melee +10

Defense: 10 (Base: +6, Dodge focus +4)

Flat footed: 3

Grapple: +14

Initiative: +0


Saves: 4 + 6 + 6 = 16pp
Toughness: +4, (+4 Con)

Fortitude: +8, (+4 Con +4)

Reflex: +6,  (+0 Dex, +6)

Will: +8 (+2 Wis, + 6)

Skills: 20pp = 80 ranks

Bluff 8 (+8)

Concentration 12 (+14)

Diplomacy 8 (+8)

Intimidate 8 (+8)

Knowledge (history) 6 (+8)

Knowledge (life sciences) 6 (+8)

Knowledge (technology) 6 (+8)

Knowledge (theology & philosophy) 6 (+8)

Language 6 (Base: Babylonian, Egyptian, Spanish, English,  Latin, Arabic, Persian)

Medicine 6 (+8)

Notice 4 (+6)

Sense Motive 6 (+6)

Feats:  12pp

All-Out Attack

Attack Focus (melee) 4

Dodge Focus 4 

Move by action

Power Attack,

Second chance (Concentration checks to maintain powers)


Powers: 1  +  80 + 3 = 84pp
Ageless (Immunity 1) (biological, mutant, aging)[1pp]
Omega Level Shape Shifter (Shapeshift 10) (biological, mutant, 50pp pool of points) [80pp]

 Sample allocation: Giant Size


Growth 8 (+16 Strength, +8 Con) Huge Sized)[24pp]

Protection 4 [4pp]

Super Strength 6 (+30 carry strength, Total effective strength 62; Heavy load 360 tons)[12pp]

Impervious Toughness 10[10pp]

[50/50] Spent


Summary of changes

Strength: 34(+12)

Con 26 (+8)


Attack: +4 Ranged: +4 Melee: +8 

Defense: +8

Grapple: +31/40


Toughness save: +12 (impervious 10)

Fortitude save: +12


Unarmed attack: +8 DC27 Toughness Save

Sample allocation: Increased Density


Density 6 (+12 Strength, +3 protection impervious  Weight x5)[18pp]

Enhanced Trait 2 ( Improved Critical 2 (Unarmed)

Impervious Toughness 7

Leaping 1 (x2 Jumping distance)

Protection 3

Speed 1 (10mph 100ft a round)

Super strength 4 (+20 effective lifting strength, Heavy load: 52 tons)

[40/50] Spent

Summary of changes


Strength: 30 (+10)


Toughness: +10 (Impervious 10)


Grapple: +20/26


Unarmed attack +10 DC25 toughness save


Regenerative Healing Factor (Regeneration 1) (resurrection 1 (1 week); Persistent, Regrowth)[3pp]

Totals: Abilities 24 + Skills 20 (80 ranks) + Feats 12 + Powers 84 + Combat 24 + Saves 16 + Drawbacks 0 = 180

Edited by Exaccus
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