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To Be A Hero


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How had he let himself be talked into this? Oh right, because he was a frekkin idiot who couldn't keep his nose out of other people's business and was too soft for his own good. The young man from another Earth tightened his grip on his jacket as he stood outside the massive Freedom Medical Center, eyeing it up and down as he reflected on what had brought him here.


It hadn't been anything special. He had just been out practicing his shapeshifting at the park, transforming into various fictional creatures he could recall...until he got a distress call from a nearby hospital that a bunch of terrorists were planning to blow the place up if they didn't get some absurd amount of money. Being one of the heroes equipped for infiltration missions, he had used his liquid form to sneak inside, knock out one of the guards, copy his appearance, sneaked in and beat the snot out of the other guards before turning into a sentient pile of goo again and devouring the bomb like it were a balogna sandwich. 


After that, he had smashed through the ceiling, knocked out the leader, and then to calm the children he morphed into a more friendly type of goo monster he had recalled from a certain piece of fiction and managed to calm them long enough for the other heroes to arrive. Needless to say, all this made the evening news and the hero known as Quantum Shift was now in the public spotlight....whether he liked it or not. 


Now, here he was. Ready to help a bunch of sick kids see that their lives still had meaning...and if there was one thing Mr White did not do was turn a blind eye to those in need. 


He sighed and psyched himself up before morphing into a puddle and sliding in the front doors, reforming his upper half as humanoid slime before the nurse out front, "Sup. Name's Quantum Shift. I think you guys are expecting me?"


"Ah, as a matter of fact, we are, Mr Shift," The young woman smiled and laid a clipboard and pen out for him, "Just sign here and you can go on in," The nurse didn't seem the least bit unnerved by his appearance. Either she had nerves of steel, or she was just totally use to this situation. It was likely a mix of the two.


"Thank you." Shift went on down the hall, heading towards his destination and, hopefully, take his first steps towards becoming a true hero...

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