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Under Da Sea, Down where it's wetter!

Brown Dynamite

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So I'm back, and it feels so good!  But, obviously I can't just jump back into rping (well I will do that) without being overzealous.  It's my nature, after all.  So to start off with I'm going to be resuming any threads I was in that stalled (and starting those I promised to start) as well as actually starting the rest of those promised threads.  


But I'm also going to expand on the idea I had for one of those threads.  An Atlantean Invasion!  This will partly serve as bit of getting




Freedom City:

The Atlantean Royal family is set to open a new Atlantean Embassy in FC.  With direct access to an undersea villa that will act both as a residence for princess Thaelia as well as a tourist destination for Freedom City.  The king's public unveiling of the embassy was more confrontational than intended and he instead declares war on the surface.




Though the Sea-King is gifted with supreme military, executive, and judicial authority thoughout the kingdom of Atlantis.  The fact remains that each Atlantean colony has its own king to take care of the city's affairs (not to mention each colony has its own representatives in the royal assembly).  King Omor the Aquarian is one such king.  The ruler of Amphitritis (a colony near Australia) has often petitioned Sea King and the rulers of other Atlantean colonies to declare fullscale war on the surface.  But until now his demands have failed to move the other leaders.  Times have changed and Australia finds itself under attack.


Emerald City

In Emerald City's first taste of large scale Super Action, a Tidal Wave is set to collide with the city.  Hidden inside the tidal wave is an invading force of Atlanteans.  Or so it seems.  But, much like the city itself not everything is what it appears to be.  Can the local heroes put a stop and uncover whether the attack is truly related to the restless Atlanteans elsewhere?  And hey why are the police headed to Hekawi Bank?


Bedlam City

The only soul seemingly in Bedlam concerned about Freedom City's seaperson infestation is Dr. Seymour Stoppleman resident expert on all things Atlantean/Lemurian.  As anyone else can attest the city has it's own problems.  The past week everyone has been plagued with shared nightmares a gruff voice asking people to bring "her" to him.  The nightmares are difficult to pierce together, filled with images of scorpions, Egyptians hyerogliphics, and always ending with the ultimatum of bringing some unnamed woman to the voice.



Alright as for what I'm looking for.  I plan on splitting the new FL Aux lineup in half (assuming all players are interested) between FC and Australia.  Since Thoughtspeed and Meatheral were proposed for this when I first put up the thread now, thread later thread (as was Kanunu, but unless Durf doesn't want to send Sandman for this)  I'll probably have them in one of those threads each.  Which does leave room for I want to say 1 more char in each of those locations.


Emerald City and Bedlam:  I'm looking for 3-5 people in each.  Characters actually using the respective locations as a base of operations get priority, with no one over PL10 going to Bedlam.  

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