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Quantum Shift


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20 Question Interview

Good day to you, Mr Quantum Shift. Thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us some insight as to the person behind the...mask, I guess?....Uh, Quantum, sir? You know we're on the air, right?

Hmm? *looks up from where he's rehearsing with a pair of puppets morphed from his hands* Oh! So we are! Sorry about that! *changes his hands back* I'm performing at a hospital for sick children later today so I figured I'd get in some last minute practice.

That's perfectly fine, Mr Shift. Now then, Question One. Can you give us some information on where exactly you're from?


Ah, of course. I'm not from around these parts. In fact, I'm not even from Earth...well, THIS Earth to be more exact. I come from an Alternate Earth which is honestly similar to this one in many ways, except there's no Freedom City, no superheroes or villains...as far as I know anyways, and our technology is around the same level as what you guys got here too. 


Another Earth? I gotta say, that's fascinating to hear! Now, Question Two, what is it you want to do with your powers?

Well, I mainly want to use what I been given to protect people. Growing up, I read a lot of comics about superheroes and I learned they weren't just "super" cause of their powers, but because of what kind of people they were. They stood up for what was right and believed in using what they had to do good. I felt like I should follow in their footsteps and be an example for those whom are born in the future.


Very admirable of you. Alright, Question Three. What would you say are some of your favorite things about being a hero? And your least favorite?


Oh, man...*chuckles nervously as he scratches the back of his neck* Uh...this is a little embarrassing but I guess it's a mix of between being able to help people and having powers. I mean, I always found abilities like shapeshifting to be really cool since if you weren't satisfied with how you looked one minute, you could change it. It's also amazing the ways you can help others by being able to morph your body.


As for downsides...*sighs* Well...I've had a few run-ins with people whom are still paranoid that I'm some sort of Grue spy that's setting things up for another invasion...though I guess I can't really fault them considering shapeshifters tend to create all kinds of paranoia no matter where you go. Another is that I don't always get as much gratitude as I might like to get. I'm not a glory hound but I was always taught to say "thank you" when someone does something nice for me.


Hmm, true, true...ok, Question Four,  what are a few things you've used your powers for outside of stopping crime?

Ah. Well, stopping evildoers and solving problems don't pay the bills so I've had to get a bit creative. As you saw at the start, I sometimes perform at hospitals for sick children by turning into their favorite mascots or I fish items people lose in the sewer out for them, one of the benefits of being able to turn into a liquid, or I help with construction work on big projects. Things like that...a friend of mine actually mentioned that shapeshifters can do pretty well for themselves in the public sector and I guess they were right.


Indeed. Alright, Question Five, what are some things you love or hate?

Hmm...well, I like pizza...and cake...and pie...oh, other than food? Well, I love my family very much. In fact, one of the reasons I'm still here is in the hopes I'm protecting them from...well, the things that did this to me...*causes his hand to transform into various shapes before returning to normal* I also love video games and meeting people, and reading books.  Oh, word of advice? Play Undertale. That game is amazing. 

Things I hate?...I hate racism, and certain mindsets such as "might makes right" or "ends justify the means" or people who have too high an opinion of themselves and hold it over the heads of others. Also...I REALLY don't like see food getting wasted!

You...don't like seeing food get wasted?

Of course not! Seriously, do you know how much food we throw away every day? I don't know the exact amount but...well, I'm pretty sure it's a lot! 


...Is that why I saw you eating trash out in the corridor before you came in?...You know what, nevermind. Question Six, What is it you fear most?

...Getting a little personal now, aren't we?...Eh, whatever...I guess my greatest fear is being left alone all over again...I can't really tell you all the details but I was in a really bad place at one point in my life and just when I thought I was done for, I got saved by the kindness of complete strangers...so the thought of going back in that dark place scares me above all else.


I see....I'm sorry about that, Mister Shift, and thank you for sharing that. I'm sure many of our listeners can relate to how you feel. Do you want to go on?

Sure, sure. 


Ok, Question Seven. How do you feel about the state of the world and your place in it?


Well, the world could be better...but then again, it could be a lot worse. I mean, no matter where you come from there's always gonna be difficulties and stuff. My place is trying to make things a little better...but I'm not dumb enough to think that it's my responsibility alone to change the world. Everybody should have a hand in deciding its future. Me and every other hero out there will fight for your rights and freedom...but we need your help too to make sure those efforts don't go to waste.


Alright then, very good. Question Eight....what would you say are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

Hmm, I'd probably say that one of my main strengths is my transformations mean I'm never short on ways to attack or defend myself. This is especially the case if I'm allowed to get up close and personal to my targets since...well, *chuckles* Let's just say that the chances of them getting away unscathed are slim to none...if they're lucky. I've also found that I'm pretty frekkin durable so I can be relied on to be a meat shield in certain situations.


Weaknesses...they tend to lean towards things like range in that the further away my target is, the harder it is for me to take them on. So someone who flies or is really, really fast or is really, really good with arrows and ballistics could have an advantage over me. Another is that I don't really have the professional training other heroes have which could leave me at a disadvantage when facing opponents whom...well, do have training and stuff. 


I see, I see...Question Nine...do you have a special someone in your life? *smirks*


*goes red in the face somehow*...You're serious...well, I don't...I've had a couple of female friends I'm close to but no. I am in no relationship at the moment. Next question, please! 


Hehe...sure you aren't...Question Ten...how would you describe your emotional and mental state?

Eh, I'd like to think of myself as a pretty nice guy as long you don't push my buttons. I'm aware that I got incredible powers but I'm not fond of using violence as a solution to a situation. I'd much rather talk things out then let matters spiral into chaos. I like to listen to people's problems and offer advice where I can...that said, I can be a bit hypocritical in that I sometimes end up being a closed book on my own feelings, put on a smile and pretend nothing is wrong. 


Also, as you've probably seen, I'm not too excited about being the center of attention and when there's a large crowd of people I'll tend to get nervous and drift off to be by myself for a little while. So, I guess in that regard I'm not much different than most people. *chuckles*

Heh, indeed. Now, Question Eleven. If you could travel anywhere you wanted, where would you like to go and why?


Hmm, good question...well, I've always wanted to try visiting other countries like France and Italy...and I am not just saying Italy cause of wanting to try authentic Italian Food. I'd also like to see Atlantis at least once...as long as it's not the Atlantis from Tentacolino...




Trust me, you will lead a long, happy life without knowing the first thing about that travesty of a film...anyways, seeing space would also be nice. Visiting other species that live out there in the stars and seeing what our own world looks like from space...it sounds like it would be a great experience.


I think most of us would like to see space at least once in our lives. Now, Question Twelve, what are your feelings on the concept of life and death? 


In the words of a certain character..."I am beyond life and death". Ooooohhh!! *does spooky noises and waves hands like a ghost before laughing* S-Sorry, I couldn't resist!...I guess what I would say is...well, with all the gods and demons I've seen running around, there has to be some sort of afterlife, right? It only makes sense..but at the same time, I feel you should try living and making the best of this life first before you think of what comes after. 


...Losing someone you love can be difficult and I know that better than a lot of people...but you can't let that stop you from leading your life. Things can be sad and difficult at times...but I don't think you should sit there and take it. You gotta stand up, reach out your hand to those who need it...I think that's how you build a better world....sorry, I have a habit of going off on a tangent on times...


That's fine, Mr Shift. It's good to be passionate about these types of things. Now, Question Thirteen, have you ever worked with any teams? And what's your feelings on possibly joining one?

...I do remember working with a few other heroes whenever there was a crisis of sorts, like a hostage situation or a gang of robots attacking. They seemed like a nice bunch and I have pondered the benefits of joining a team, if only to get some professional training in, so I'm not gonna turn it down right away but...eh, at the same time I kinda like having my space. 


So, we'll say "Maybe" on that front. Alright, Question 14, would you consider yourself a role model?


*can't help himself but starts laughing while nearly choking on his grape soda* Pffftt!! Oh man....hehe...that's a good one...me? A role model? Look, as much I appreciate the thought, I'm doing what I can to be like the rest of you...but I will say this...no matter where you come from or what's happened to you...you've always got a choice...to be better than those who tormented and hurt you...remember that, guys.


Hmm, for someone whom don't see themselves as a role model you certainly give out some insightful advice. Ok, Question 15, how difficult would you say it has been getting settled in to your new role?

Well, it definitely wasn't a total hassle, but it wasn't a walk in the park either. When I first stepped out into the spotlight, I felt kinda nervous, especially with all the attention I got from the League. Thankfully, things calmed down after a while and I was treated more or less like one of their own. 


I see. Alright, Question 16. If you could do one thing in your life differently, what would you want that to be?

...There are times I wonder if I could've kept my biological parents from separating and we could've lived happily...but I gotta remind myself if that were the case I would've never met my REAL family and became the kind of person I am today. 


Thank you for that, Mr Shift. This question should be a little easier to answer. Question Seven, do you have any favorite bands?


Oh, I'm particular towards groups like Queen. I really love anything they got. Rush is also quite good...and I guess I do like the occasional J-Pop...


Heh, I see, I see...ok, we're getting close to done. Question Eighteen, are you on any Chat Messengers like Skype, Discord, etc?

*tilts head*...If it's alright with you, I'd like to have just a LITTLE bit of privacy, please? For all I know, some super genius villain will hear this and use it to hack my accounts. 


O-Of course, Mr Shift, sir. My apologies. Question 19, what are your feelings on aliens and metahumans and their place on Earth?

*shrugs* Live and let live is my philosophy. Politics was never something I got too involved with but I like to judge based on "character" rather than race. If you're a decent individual or at least keep to yourself, I see no reason why they shouldn't get the same rights other humans do. 


Alright, final question. Do you have any advice for up and coming heroes?

Certainly. Guys, make sure you weigh the pros and cons of what you're doing before you take up the mantle...but at the same time, if you want to see real change in the world, you gotta go out and BE the change you want to see in it.


Well, that's all we have. Thank you for your time, Mr Shift. 


The pleasure was all mine.

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