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[OOC] Fight the Power


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Ok so creeping into the cellar and doing some all round sensing. I would imagine blind fight feat means not too many bumps, scrapes, and falls but its up to you!


If any notice or search rolls are needed, please feel free to make them on my behalf. For now, just fumbling around!


(If there is nothing to be found, I guess try and flip a light switch!)

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For reference taking 10 to get a 32 Result on Disguise with Morph (although will probably have to swap clothes with him later). 


If you feel its good story wise, then could always activate Pain complication, saying the quick transformation was so painful it allows the other man to run. No harvesting HP points, just an option for what would work best!

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So just moving at double normal human speed (as per tracking scent) which should catch up with the other man. I suppose that can be fluffed as looking like moving all out for a normal human. In any case, ideally Synth would want to catch up with the runner and play out being the bearded man. If any rolls needed for that (like notice for when getting near, or bluff to look out of breath etc) please feel free to make them on my behalf. 

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It's up to you, but we could go for a scene cut here.

Quickly summarize the set-up, the first few matches, and cut right into one that's higher up.

I imagine against mundane humans, Synth can make it fairly far, unless you want that to be different?


Of course, we can also play out some more before cutting, that's up to you!

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Yeah sure a scene cut seems fine to me. One thing I would like to play on is Synth's fundamentally pacifist nature. So maybe take a few hits, or fight "humanely" but effectively. Which might I suppose piss the crowd off. 


I suspect its not really worth rolling anything below PL 6 as an opponent though. Even that would probably give him a bruise at worst. 

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Hmmm. Possibly. 


Not on him. He is wearing a leather jacket normally but I imagine that has come off and its a tank top. 

I would guess probably a belt buckle but thats probably it?


I would throw an initiative but as Synth is actually aiming to find out whats going on, he will delay until Cynthia throws the first swing in any case, so its academic. 


Also if you feel Cynthia is skilled enough, happy to throw in an impomptru complication of Synth not knowing how to fight and getting tricked into a critical hit straight out the bat (at your GM judgement(


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She'll go for a straight up attack then!

Attack: 1d20+9 22

And, I believe, just hit! Do you want to get in a post before I describe the action she takes?

That'd be a DC20 Toughness save, by the way.



Let's do as you said, and make that a critical hit!

With just +5 Damage for now, so that's DC25 Toughness!


Also, I believe that brings Synth up to... 3HP!

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Toughness vs Cynthias Crit: 1d20+10 26


Well that shrugs that off. 


So for the next round Synth is going to ready a block, and as a move action see if she can notice anything in the audience namely anyone looking like they are trying to influence the fight or scrutnising in a suspicious way. That may be a tough call and a wasted action but throwing it into the mix: Noticing the crowd: 1d20+16 18 is unlikely to cut it. 


I guess that readied block is going to kick in so I will roll: Blocks Cynthia: 1d20+10 14 unlikely to work, so maybe gets punched again!

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