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Mini Claremont Adventures

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So one of the appeals of anything set in a High School type environment is seeing the characters deal with the everyday problems of school life, especially if you've got the additional "curse" of powers. So I'd like to try something to hopefully allow characters to experience everyday life in Claremont.


The idea I have is for a couple of characters to have a single short encounter with an everyday event, as much as things can be with powers, and have to decide how to deal with the situation. So for instance the characters are hanging out in the hall when they see a couple of students bullying another student. Then the characters would have to decide how they'd help out (because obviously they'd get involved). Depending on what they do they could get in trouble and even a dreaded visit to the headmistress and at least make new NPC friends and enemies. Obviously less confrontational events involving dating and making friends, though many events would depend on what the player wanted for there character.


So is this something people would be interested in trying out?

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2 minutes ago, Tiffany Korta said:

Okay first one up for our Endeavor, feel free to suggest ways to tweak if it isn't quite working I've had to take a few (minor) liberties to get thing moving.


I was working in the lab...


The plan is after the a few post you'll be offered a ethical dilemma, which if I set it up right will have no right or wrong answer.

This links back to this thread, btw. The actual thread is here: http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/9577-i-was-working-in-the-lab/

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I'd love to do something like this, Gargoyle is mostly just getting the snot beat out of him by bullies but I've thought of doing a small thing where maybe he gets to turn the tables at night or something.  Hell maybe he's that example kid getting bullied in one of the first posts here, I dunno :3 But long story short, would love to do something like this

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